World Tour 2012: Tickets – UPDATED

Here are the World Tour 2012 tickets – if you have any other version of ticket you would like to share (without bare codes of course!), please do at

Here are the list of 2 concerts that we still haven’t got any ticket pictures for:

17.08 Bodo, Norway

10.09 Edmonton, Canada

Thanks to Daniel Rezmann, Petra Osifova, Fernando Leonel Kuz, Yu, Arnaldo Mariano Suarez, Roxette En Rosario Facebook page, Fabio Deluca, Celestte, Alexis Schettler (Lexy), Heidi Janse van Rensburg, Youdidz NugroHo,, Astrid Lenhard, Petra Osifova, Penny Dodman, Shannyn Bawden, Tim Oestmann, Bianca Cappelletti, Roxette Latinoamerica, Letitia Dorant, Alberto Garcia, Josephine Young, Péter Szabó Csaba, Kathie Winn, Chi-S Tang, Sinclair Lin, Jana Gunther, Remco Verhaaf, Roxs Rossana Gessle, Sebastian Juanez, Leonardo Cortez, Jonathan Turcotte, Alex Usero, Celestte Roxer, Gunilla Nilsdotter, Cathérine Frei, Victor Mendez, Paula Raappana, Mari Pudas, Kathryne Corlett, Gunilla Nilsdotter, Sally Gezz, Lana Sachse, Nina Wolfframm.

7 thoughts on “World Tour 2012: Tickets – UPDATED”

  1. I’ll try and get you a shot of my Toronto tickets soon. My camera is shot at the moment but if nothing else, the friend I am taking with me can probably get a shot before we go in 🙂

  2. I just realised I used the word “shot” three times in my last post (facepalm)

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