Idea for Gyllene Tider supporting act: Brainpool?

This is going to be a blog entry, no news this time.

Last week, there was yet another article on Expressen about Gyllene Tider going on tour (or not) next year. Of course, we still don’t know if it’s true or not, but this doesn’t stop us from starting to plan in our heads and be creative, now that we are “bored” (and saving $$) without a Roxette tour going on.

So we start chatting about a possible tour with my friends and what comes out of it? I start thinking I would probably go to some GT concerts but ? as many as Rox? what would be a special incentive for that? Right! what if Brainpool would be the supporting act for Gyllene Tider (next year or in 2 years, who cares)?

So that, Per please, pass it on to whoever should take this decision or keep it in mind yourself. The guys at Brainpool already revealed they are working on a new album. Wouldn’t it be a great evening, listening to two of the best bands in Sweden?

Quite some seem to support this idea on FB (you have to be member of the group to read) already.
And if not, let’s hope that Brainpool tours Sweden anyway!