Don’t bore us… with another compilation, dear EMI.

EMI is just a day from being sold off to a bidder that gives the biggest price. Probably it will be Universal Music or some other group with international branches. In this very meantime EMI Germany (one of those few EMI offices that actually did something positive for Roxette in the last two years) is releasing a very special 4-CD box called “Die ultimative Hit-Kollektion” for “just” EUR 49.99. It does includes an iconic Joyride-era picture with Roxette logo from Charm School album on the front cover.

If you have too much money in times of economical crisis, you can purchase your copy here & only – at If you think we deserve something better – for instance – releases of legendary Roxette concerts from Sweden, Switzerland, Australia or South Africa in a decent format (and we’re not thinking about a stereo VHS), just give us a shout in the comment section.

Here below you can find the tracklist of the new box.

CD 1 Interpret Titel
1 Roxette The Look
2 Roxette Joy Of A Toy
3 Roxette Soul Deep
4 Roxette I Call Your Name
5 Roxette Sleeping Single
6 Roxette Dressed For Success
7 Roxette Pearls Of Passion
8 Roxette Call Of The Wild
9 Roxette Half A Woman, Half A Shadow
10 Roxette Listen To Your Heart
11 Roxette Surrender
12 Roxette Neverending Love
13 Roxette View From A Hill
14 Roxette Shadow Of A Doubt
15 Roxette Like Lovers Do
16 Roxette Secrets That She Keeps
17 Roxette So Far Away
18 Roxette Goodbye To You
19 Roxette Dangerous

CD 2 Interpret Titel
1 Roxette It Must Have Been Love
2 Roxette Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave)
3 Roxette Come Back (Before You Leave)
4 Roxette Run To You
5 Roxette Sleeping In My Car
6 Roxette (I Could Never) Give You Up
7 Roxette Love Spins
8 Roxette Do You Wanna Go The Whole Way?
9 Roxette Anyone
10 Roxette How Do You Do!
11 Roxette Stars
12 Roxette Waiting For The Rain
13 Roxette You Don’t Understand Me
14 Roxette Things Will Never Be The Same
15 Roxette Wish I Could Fly
16 Roxette Queen Of Rain
17 Roxette Spending My Time
18 Roxette Fireworks
19 Roxette Paint

CD 3 Interpret Titel
1 Roxette Joyride
2 Roxette The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye
3 Roxette Crash! Boom! Bang!
4 Roxette Keep Me Waiting
5 Roxette Knockin’ On Every Door
6 Roxette 7twenty7
7 Roxette Go To Sleep
8 Roxette Fingertips
9 Roxette Pay The Price
10 Roxette Always Breaking My Heart
11 Roxette The Big L.
12 Roxette Myth
13 Roxette Salvation
14 Roxette I Love The Sound Of Crashing Guitars
15 Roxette Church Of Your Heart
16 Roxette Almost Unreal
17 Roxette Help!
18 Roxette Perfect Day
19 Roxette A Thing About You

CD 4 Interpret Titel
1 Roxette She’s Got Nothing on (But The Radio)
2 Roxette Me & You & Terry & Julie
3 Roxette Milk And Toast And Honey
4 Roxette Jefferson
5 Roxette Sitting on Top of the World
6 Roxette One Wish
7 Roxette The Centre Of The Heart
8 Roxette Better Off On Her Own
9 Roxette It’s Possible (Version One)
10 Roxette My World My Love My Life
11 Roxette Dream on
12 Roxette No One Makes it on Her Own
13 Roxette Speak to Me
14 Roxette After All
15 Roxette Real Sugar
16 Roxette Big Black Cadillac
17 Roxette Fool
18 Roxette Lover Lover Lover (Album Version)
19 Roxette Touched by the Hand of God
20 Roxette Only when I Dream

12 thoughts on “Don’t bore us… with another compilation, dear EMI.”

  1. Yea, there are at least 4 concerts that could be released on DVDs – hopefully Roxette have rights to all of them. Don’t think those shows from South America are the case as they were shown on TV… and those copyrights can be hard to obtain.

  2. You say it’s missing, but She’s Got Nothing on (But The Radio) is the first track on CD 1. I find the tracklist quite odd. They forgot strong songs like Crush On You or Beautiful Things but included View From A Hill or Love Spins instead. The title is boring, and inaccurate too: songs like Myth were not hits, as long as I know…

  3. Aahhaaaaaaaaahhaaaaaaaaa

    Done, i shout.
    May we have one of those concert with decent quality ?
    Would definitly love to have some.

  4. Seems to be one of those random hit collections where artists don’t have any influence. Nothing to care about.

    “Lover Lover Lover (Album Version)” – so is there another version around? Radio edit?

  5. Yes,
    Lover Lover Lover (Radio Edit) 3:41 and No One Makes It On Her Own ( Promo Single Radio Only) 3:29, where they can be gotten, does somebody know???? and the quick version of ‘Speak To Me’ included in the LP of ‘Charm School.’ thank you from Argentina

    • These “Radio edit” versions are just the regular song with an earlier fade-out. That’s all, nothing special. And it seems the “Speak to Me” version included on the LP is the same version you can find on the CD, according to the report of some fans who played it.

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