Roxette support the World Childhood Foundation

Roxette have recorded a 30-second ID for the World Childhood Foundation founded by Queen Silvia of Sweden. We have previously written about this campaign, but some of you might have missed it. Here’s the message:

PG: When you rescue a girl at risk of abuse, you’re not only saving her but you’re also saving her children and children’s children. Hello, my name is Per Gessle…
MF: …my name is Marie Fredriksson and we are…
MF & PG: …Roxette!
PG: By helping one child you’re freeing future generations from life in abuse and neglect. The World Childhood Foundation works with local organizations that help children at risk. Join us in helping childhood, start the cycle that help to last for generations.

VO: For more information and to find out how you can help please visit

You can listen to the message in the link above.

Thanks to Wasif Haq for sharing this information.