Teaser of the new Rox documentary

SVT has just shared a teaser (1m 36s long) of the upcoming Rox documentary called “IT ALL BEGINS WHERE IT ENDS”. Click here and enjoy!


Per says the documentary “will be subtitled for each country”.

Please see subtitles for the trailer prepared by Angelika Grabowska & Ajda Dzambic:

Per – I understand why artists like Rolling Stones never end their careers, you can never replace the feeling you get when you have your audience in front of you.. when you’re playing your music.
Marie – I’m tired today, but it gets good again the second you get on stage and you feel the energy and you get excited.
Per – This is what you/I do to shirts that are newly ironed.
This is something I have to do myself, no one does it as good as I..at least not with my shirts”
“I’ve done this over 100 times just this year, so you know the drill”
“I can tell you that it’s chaos just outside the hotel”
“The second we get on stage I’m filled with such energy from the audience and it turns into such an adrenaline kick…you get so happy and strong from that…strange job I have right?”

5 thoughts on “Teaser of the new Rox documentary”

  1. It looks good! Goosebumps all over… I didn’t realize how much I miss them and the tour… Can’t wait for this, though it seemed it’s in Swedish? I hope there will be a subtitle. But I’ll manage either way. Thanks for sharing!

  2. There is no need of english subtitles for the SVT version, but I’m sure the DVD will have translation (maybe that’s the reason for the delay). BTW great instrumental track of Only when I dream, I wonder what other songs they’ve used in the background of this doc…

  3. As nice as it would be to have in english, they are known world wide after all, I think it makes sense that parts are in swedish.

    It’s a doco about them being on the road, i doubt they’d be speaking english all time, i’d say they’d speak in their native tongue more often than not. I think the less formal the setting is (ie, not an interview) the more fun the doco could be.

    If there are any interview pieces, i’d hope they are in english, but for what it’s worth, so long as the translations are there i’m happy.

    And yeah, the instrumental of OWID is great, hopefully lots more in there, even better as full version as bonus tracks on the DVD 😀

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