What’s your favourite part of “It all begins where it ends”?

We have asked our fans on the Facebook page www.facebook.com/RoxetteBlog which parts of the very new Roxette documentary are among their favourite for now. Here are some of those comments. If you like to give us some more hints about your favourite moments, please drop us a comment or write on our Facebook wall.

Kirsten OhlweinSo, working for the media myself I always look at it from the professional point of view as well. I love the decision to have the interview parts in b/w and the live parts in colour. I love the cutting and I love that they decided to just film for example Marie when she is not saying anything, just watching around, thinking – I could watch her doing “nothing” for hours. Really emotional and you feel that sometimes words are not needed. I love the music, the Hong Kong version of FLAF (where do I get that btw??). It’s a really professional docu, giving insights even though most of what Per and Marie saying is not exactly new to us fans.

I love how they switch back to the “view outside from the plane” to show there’s a new scenery coming. I love the silence coming up before Marie’s story is told. And I love the ending – when I am thinking: no no no no, don’t let this end now, the story isn’t over yet!
Gerardo ContijochThe very beginning, when they come out of the hotel and all the fans are cheering. The instrumental version of OWID is amazing!!!
Ivan KelavaEvery part with MF.
Anna GradowskaThe rocking audience, the vibe… The end accompanied by parts “it all beginns where it ends” from “Joyride”.
Alejandro Manniello – Only when I dream instrumental sounds terrific and fits the images perfectly.
Markus On WheelsMarie talking that open is touching.
Fabio SantosI dont have a favourite part, it was very special this documentary… I think it was nice to show to the all fans and curious their reality behind the stages!
Lindy LovegroveThe beginning when they walk out of hotel an OWID plays and when Marie spoke it was so emotional… loved it all
Myriam Roxana GarciaThe mix of images of concerts, when Marie and Mike talk about fans knowin’ their name… when she talks about the ill, I do not undertand a word, but I cried with her…
Basia Konarzewskaevery live part. Felt like on a concert again. It reminded me all this positive vibes we had during this two years, and al the good memories I have. And I want some more, pretty soon.
Chrissie RoehrsI also loved the whole of it. A perfect mix of joy, party, personal stuff, sad stuff and love. Though I think you can clearly notice the different cuts of places and audience during the live stuff… How could I forget to mention Maries unplugged Hotel performance and the cat. Vitnos for president.
JudithMarie! And the cat. Loved this part in the hotel room too, love how she performs this song, the Unplugged one is for me one of the best performances of Marie ever. The ‘good night’ shouted by Marie and Bo’s stretching course and The Look at the end, Marie laughing.
Gaby HildebrandtHard to point out one!! Everything was sooo well made!! If I have to pick one: All backstage and rehearsal and recording singing (Marie) and playing (Per’s hands on piano tabs e.g.) surprises!
Ricardo Acosta HernandezMy favourite part is when I see my FB friends with their smiling faces and their positive energy towards Roxette.
Alejandro MannielloThe lady from Hong Kong, smiling and clapping. Marie’s face while she is watching the news in Australia. I love it.
Ronald WienandIt’s personal and that’s what I love about it. It shows the humanity of Roxette and documents the love Per and Marie share as friends. Truly different from any other band I know. I remember meeting them and socializing and they were so open to me when in fact they owe me nothing. I have met them 4 times and every time is special. Thanks guys for the music but thank you more for being who you are! Rox on!!
Sebastián BaioniThe Japanese version of Fading like a flower! I liked fans’ stories also.
Patrícia Peres1 favourite part??? Hard to choose and I don’t want to. I love the complete TV version from the touching parts with Marie through the cat scenes till Per studio parts. Everything is just perfect in the docu technically and regarding content, too. + I love that even Richard Gere made it into the docu! LOLCan’t wait the DVD version to have more of this beauty!
Petra Osifováairports and hotel rooms
Ketlin Raukmy favorites are all scenes where Marie is specially the one where she sings in hotelroom!
Evgeny PerekopskiyThe Aussie part is the best so far
Svarta GlasFor me! the message behind the film or Marie´s words. Per´s generosity, his patience, his struggle in the darkness. Thanks Per for letting us that the show go on!!!
Tomasz WysockiAustralia, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Sweden, China, Russia – big countries, big concerts, great crowds. For sure highlights are fans stories, different point of views and different emotions. I really loved this amazing Chinese flavoured instrumental part of “Fading Like a Flower”. Per G. saying “shit happens” after meeting a very prominent Swedish politician is worth all waiting. Black & white interview parts divided with concert shots (which I’m not a big fan, though). People interviewed in the show – thank God it was done in Swedish, so for the first time since… hmmm… Night of the proms Swedish interview Marie can speak her mind for longer period than just 15 seconds. That was a very, very, very, very wise decision, dear filmmakers. It’s a beauty in all its aspects – more scenes from hotel rooms would be more than welcomed – Marie singing this amazing cover was just WOW. Per, where did you hide your shower singing then?
Maew RealSugarAll of live concert scenes, because I have never been experience those awesome live by myself like the other fans before and I’m dying to experience them for real.
Heidi Janse Van RensburgFavourite part? Everything right?! but personally seeing my home city Cape Town, South Africa feature. That’s a nice feeling. Seeing myself front row in 2011 in Cape Town – one forget some memories but then they all come flooding back. I remember meeting Marie & Per for the very first time that evening – simply overwhelming. Also getting a glimpse of what they do behind the scenes (longer than the Gessle cam) is nice. Seeing the Cape Town crowd sing IMHBL! Awesome very special indeed
RaëlianI never expected Per saying something like Fernet Branca. And Pelle’s reply (it’s good for the stomach, according to the translation) was really funny! I’d like to know why everybody pointed at him! Also, seeing the whole band flying over the Andes or crossing the vast Argentinian plains by bus was very special for me.

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  1. I never expected Per saying something like Fernet Branca. And Pelle’s reply (it’s good for the stomach, according to the translation) was really funny! I’d like to know why everybody pointed at him! Also, seeing the whole band flying over the Andes or crossing the vast Argentinian plains by bus was very special for me.

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