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I got used to writing down a kind of retrospective about my personal achievements and failures some time ago. Besides bringing some memories and smiles (or tears) back, it boosts your ego a little bit and reminds you of what you achieved, how you changed or what you learnt after a not so positive moment. All in all, a good thing to do that leaves a sweet taste in your mouth.

So I proposed the RXB team to pick up our personal Rox-highlights of 2012, since we had so many articles and there have been mostly ups in 2012 again. It means, at least for me, to go back to my memories and pick up the most special moments.


My #1 is definetely Roxette in United States, specially New York and Boston. It was a very special trip for me, first time in US, and and two amazing concerts. New York specially left me with my mouth open more than once (more than one standing ovation and everybody singing along!), a very special short chat with Marie and being able to share this with my loved one and many dear friends. It will always be in my heart and mind.

Next highlight kept us waiting almost until the end of the year, but it was worth it: It all begins where it ends, the Roxette documentary. It premiered on Swedish TV channel SVT on December 26th. Many memories of great times spent with my Roxer friends, many familiar faces, also many tears when going back 10, 8, 6 years in time. But again what remains are a lot of smiles, fun and love.

And as they say, last but not least, and after a lot of thinking: Travelling. And all what the album means. Roxette on tour, us travelling around the world, a 2nd album in 2 years, the smiles, Marie’s victory “yesss!” gesture every night on stage, and all the magic moments we’ve spent together.

Looking forward to 2013, which looks very promising. Some, but not all, are rumours, picked up by fans from Per and Marie during the tour, or comments by Per here and there on the net: the live Roxette DVD/ Blu Ray and the documentary to be out hopefully the first quarter of 2013, a book about Roxette, then the more uncertain Per’s projects (will it be Per solo? or GT?), Marie’s projects (solo album, tour?), some more (hopefuly white) wine to be added to the Gessle Selection…

So let’s just sit back, enjoy the good memories and relax. And to all of this I can only say “Cheers! and happy 2013!” while holding a glass of Furet. Delicious I must say. And if you haven’t already, go and read all the interviews on TDR with Marie Dimberg, Christoffer, Pelle, Clarence and Per!


Thinking about 2012 I can only think of one Roxette-related highlight. Due to my new job, less free days, less money and an illness that makes it hard to feel as good as when I was young – it wasn’t easy for me to follow my favourite band around the world. This is kind of ironic, because since 2002 my biggest wish was Marie being healthy again and for Roxette to go on tour again (and me with them). Now, that they did it – I couldn’t follow them. That’s the way life goes.

Nevertheless, I saw two shows in 2012, the one in Amsterdam and the one in Kaiserslautern. And the whole day in Amsterdam is definitely my Number one, the top of the list. We were all waiting at the airport for the Stockholm plane to arrive. Finally, when the doors opened and Marie came out, everything wasn’t as it usually is. We had all the time we wanted to say “hi” and give her our presents. And Marie hugged nearly everyone who was around – with a big smile. I was one of the lucky girls who got a “hello again” and a hug. I enjoyed that moment a lot – and those three or five seconds mean more to me than a signed CD or vinyl.

My second highlight is – must agree with Judith – the Roxette docu. I watched it only some minutes ago and I didn’t want it to end. But as we all know: It all begins where it ends. So it MUST go on some day.


My highlight #1 is definitely Amsterdam. Actually, so far I had the 2 best days of my Roxer life there. On one hand, it was very special to me, because that was the first time I met those many nice Roxers in person, whom I got into contact with via Facebook. It seems to be a cliche, but Roxette IS connecting people indeed. On the other hand, I met Marie and Per and the band in person. Kirsten already wrote about the Marie moments, so I won’t repeat how lovely she was with all of us at the airport. The fun we had while taking the group pics with Per was unforgettable. He was in an extremely good mood, smiling all the time, which made the group pics even brighter. Even the one that was taken by Christoffer after having some problems with the zoom. The gig was FANtastic and I’m happy that Colin made the documentary in Amsterdam, so I have something more to save in my memory regarding that magical night. I said 2 best days, as the day after the gig I met Marie and Per at the airport again. They were still all smiles and took their time with us before they were leaving for the Kaiserslautern gig. I had a chance for a small talk with Per, which meant so much to me. These are the experiences one can save in his/her heart forever and smile anytime thinking about these moments.

Highlight #2 for me is Gdansk. That was the last gig for me and for many other Roxers during the Neverending Tour. What a gig it was! I enjoyed it to the full and it was so damn good to see that Per & Marie + the band enjoyed themselves on stage, too. They were all smiles during the whole show, even when we messed up Spending My Time. Better say, we didn’t mess up the lyrics, but when it would have been OUR turn to sing, we just wanted to shout ”Roxette!” and clap our hands and be happy to have them. Then we realized this is not what they expect from us, so we started to sing at last. There was real magic in the air all night!

My highlight #3 won’t be a surprise. It’s the documentary. I could watch it 24/7/365 and I just want more of this beauty, so I can’t wait for the DVD to be available. Actually, I can’t wait for anything that is waiting for us in 2013.

I stated it many times already, but I have to say it again: Roxette is worse than any drugs, but this drug is the one I’ll never give up on.


2012 was more of a continuation of what Marie and Per did in 2011. I did not expect much, but it turned to be a good year. Or even an amazing one comparing to drought era 2003-2010. I have never been travelling much in my life, so getting the TRAVELLING album and the second Polish gig ever in Gdansk/Sopot were a clear sign – “this is the way you should follow”. Meeting new people down the road was also exciting – fans from various corners of the globe came to celebrate Roxette in Poland – my one and only “holy mass” this year. Some new PR activities for the duo were done on the Polish soil, some interviews given, few releases sent – business as usual. How odd and how brilliant at the same time!

Among all goodies released this year we could find also wine bottles (bought, but not tasted… yet), books (psychology of psychos who we certainly are), TV shows (it’s only playback), interviews and THE documentary. 58 minutes of a high quality pleasure and with long Marie interview parts. The best decision taken this year was to do this documentary in Swedish – finally Mrs Bolyos could speak up her mind. Thanks a lot, dear Favela film makers!!

Hoping 2013 will be even better for all of us – we’ll be drinking new wines, listening to new albums, working new overhours to afford new tours and annual visits to Stockholm. “Just like fireworks in the sky, watch the sky!”

We wanted to post some list of numbers here but we’ve written so much already.  So after more than 300 articles and 850.000 visits this year, just one last thing: thank you for your support, for reading us, sending in news, the nice face-to-face talks we had and sharing this one thing that connects us! And thank you Per and Marie and co for another fantastic year!

Ah, and we are glad Patrícia joined our team!

Have a great 2013!

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