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After the premiere of Roxette’s new documentary ”It All Begins Where It Ends”, now we could watch the TV cut of ”Travelling The World – Roxette Live 2012” premiering on SVT1 today.

We got a nice taster when we saw the live scenes in the documentary and from the Joyride teaser shown on SVT Play, so we had some images in our minds how the whole concert film would look like. Favela (the filmmakers) shared the info some hours before the premiere that TV version consists of 11 songs from 11 cities, filmed in Argentina, Germany, Chile, Brazil and Sweden. Besides these countries, South Africa also appeared in the film.

Now seeing this 58m 12s long version we could relive the gigs – in the front row. Enjoy it here!

One thing is definitely strange in the film: the constant cuts coming too fast after one another, breaking the flow of the songs a bit (mainly in It Must Have Been Love with scenes shown even from the video clip). However, all the incredible camera angles (e.g. the one used during She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)), the fantastic sound, as well as those many happy and familiar faces on and off the stage make it bright, even though the colours in the film are not that saturated.

Regarding the DVD version, it may be a wishful thinking, but we write it in the name of many, many fans that it would indeed be great to have all the 26 songs* ever appeared on the setlist during the tour. If we can’t get them in video format, then at least on a bonus CD, as the sound is amazing indeed. Chris did a fantastic job mixing it.

*Songs played live during the tour in alphabetical order (the songs appearing in the TV cut of the concert film are in bold – the number next to them shows their sequence; places mentioned in the film before all songs are most probably referring to the crowds, as stage scenes are from South America; however, crowd scenes also seem to be mixed, not just from one venue during one song):

  • 7Twenty7 (5) – Hamburg, Germany
  • Church of Your Heart (11) – Mar del Plata, Argentina
  • Crash! Boom! Bang! (6) – Berlin, Germany
  • Dangerous
  • Dressed for Success
  • Fading Like a Flower
  • How Do You Do!
  • It Must Have Been Love (3) – Cape Town, South Africa
  • It’s Possible (4) – Rosario, Argentina /SPECIAL version 😉 , as Per is singing ”There’s something very SPECIAL about you” instead of ”There’s something very DIFFICULT about you” after the ”do do”-s/
  • Joyride (7) – Neuquén, Argentina
  • Listen to Your Heart (10) – Santiago, Chile
  • Only When I Dream
  • Opportunity Nox
  • Perfect Day
  • She’s Got Nothing on (But the Radio) (2) – Córdoba, Argentina
  • Silver Blue
  • Sleeping in My Car (1) – Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Soul Deep
  • Spending My Time (8) – Göteborg, Sweden
  • Stars
  • The Big L.
  • The Look (9) – Stockholm, Sweden
  • Things Will Never Be the Same
  • Watercolours in the Rain
  • Way Out
  • Wish I Could Fly

We are curious if a list of all concerts – not just the ones where the shootings took place – will also appear on the DVD to show the world at least this way how big the Neverending Tour was.

We’ll get to know it latest when the DVD is available – hopefully this March, according to Per’s earlier comment.

14 thoughts on “Front row feeling in front of your TV”

  1. I do hope we get ALL SONGS they played in 2011 and 2012 on BlueRay!


    I do hope for more colour, more locations, more outifts – and less cuts. 🙂

  2. They mixed every song with the wrong audience The look is from Santiago and Listen to your heart must be from Argentina or Brasil ( the audio)

  3. I do like this strange idea somehow, but it’s really confusing for me personally. For instance, IMHBL – South Africa features actually VERY LITTLE here on this clip. The audience bit was filmed 2011 but the live stuff is NOT from South Africa. Dunno hey…..I still think the using of the cranes and the proper pro shot equipment works best for recording these live tracks. A real pity that they did not film post May 2012.
    Hopefully the final product will make sense more to me (I am happy that we have something at least & I’m grateful now to myself for my own filming attempt 🙂

  4. We must all remember while watching this live concert(s), that the film crew who shot Roxette on stage were present only on the South American leg of the tour. So the sound and stage footage is from those shows only. Unfortunatelly that means they cannot put the whole tour playlist, because not all songs were presented there. But the mixing with audience from around the globe is really a nice idea. That way we get to see more familiar faces from the front row and basically everyone is happy.

  5. The unsaturated colours may have fitted the documentary, but I was hoping for a more colourful concert picture… And I suspect that the not-so-cool sharp cuts between some song endings and the b&w city footage is probably because the SVT had to shuffle the playlist in order to shorten the concert, so they couldn’t use the original transitions between the songs. We will see when the DVD/BluRay gets out 🙂

  6. Can anyone get this available as a download??? Maybe “yousendit” or “youtube”? Really wanna watch this.

  7. Wasn’t the complete Göteborg show filmed too? That was a great concert night (huge audience, Marie made more or less no mistakes and they looked great and the sound was awesome).


  8. It’s a fantastic song selection for the shortenden version and I’m happy to see It’s Possible makes it at least on the concert video! The sound of the band is amazing!

    The missing colours in the picture and the mix of audiences and performance take a bit of the live-feeling I think, sometimes the band and the crowd don’t really match. But anyway I like the idea of showing scenes from around the globe from such a long tour and it’s great to see a wide range of it.

    • You can get it from Piratebay. First you have to install a torrent client in your computer, like uTorrent. It’s easy.

  9. I haven’t seen yet, but I see that “Dangerous” and “Dressed For Success” are missed. These two songs are my favourite to play live by the band, so I hope they will add them to DVD.

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