#gtsommar Exclusive Swedish radio interview with Per and Micke

Per and Micke did an exclusive 11-minute interview for the Swedish public radio last Friday. They talked about how they come to work together and recording of the new album. Per revealed that Gyllene Tider has discussed a comeback from 2008, but there was always something that stopped them from doing this. On the new album they will try to repeat “the classic GT sound” so to speak, with a lot of Farfisa organs in the background. Per is not sure when the album goes out, but he hopes it would be April. The first single is not really ready yet and they haven’t chosen it yet, but there will be in fact a tune called “Singel”. They plan to include two ballads on the album max, according to Per. Speaking of double meaning of the title, Per also mentioned that they have recorded a song called “Dags att tänka på refrängen” as well.

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