Marie Dimberg is on the top sent questionnaires to 100 key people of the Swedish music industry and then listed the 21 most influential women in Sweden’s music world. Marie Dimberg has ended up at the first place on this list. Congrats to her!

Marie Dimberg_2013  © Jonas Ekströmer


She says to

I feel very honoured. I was very happy and surprised, but being influential is nothing I’m thinking about all the time. I’m just trying to concentrate on doing my job as good as possible.


The music industry is dominated by men, which is not new. Ms. Dimberg says to

A good mix of men and women would be necessary regardless of industry.


During her 13 years with EMI she held the positions of Head of PR, Marketing and Vice President of EMI International in London to mention a few. She founded D&D Management more than 15 years ago and runs it successfully. Marie Dimberg played a major role in the creation of Roxette and she’s still the manager of the Swedish duo.

Regarding Roxette becoming popular worldwide she says to

It was an amazing adventure and a privilege to be involved. We woke up in one place and were having lunch at another then fell asleep somewhere else.


There are many great artists – besides Roxette – managed by D&D: Marie Fredriksson, Per Gessle, Jonas Åkerlund, Peter Jöback, Agnes, etc.

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