Gyllene Tider’s new single out on March 18, album on April 24

EMI Sweden announced on a press release that Gyllene Tider’s new single, “Man blir yr”, will be released on March 18. The album “Dags att tänka på refrängen” will be released on April 24th.

Here is the translation of the press release:

Don’t ask us how it happened, but Gyllene Tider seems to have rested themselves into shape again.

Nine years after the comeback album “Finn 5 fel!” we get “Man blir yr”, the first teaser from the .. hm.. comeback album “Dags att tänka på refrängen”, which was recorded while it was the dreariest, darkest and coldest time of year in Christoffer Lundquist’s studio the Aerosol Grey Machine down in Skåne.

– All the songs have been written for Gyllene Tider, so the contenders for the single were razor-sharp. But that’s a good sign, says Per Gessle modestly.

One tends to agree. The rhythm section consisting of Anders Herrlin and Micke Syd is snappier than ever. Göran Fritzon’s Farfisa organ has been serviced and MP’s and Per’s guitars battle it out in stereo.

Besides, dizzieness is as you may know a famous theme in classical pop music. You don’t have to dig very deep to find Tommy Roe’s “Dizzy” and The Beatles’ “Dizzy Miss Lizzy” in every record collection worthy its name.

“Man blir yr” will be digitally released on March 18. But don’t forget to clean your record needle: the song is also going to be released on 7″ red and yellow vinyls. Back to the future!

PS: further good news for all GT fans is that the previously released CD-digipack versions of the albums “Gyllene Tider”, “Moderna Tider” and “Puls” will be also released digitally on March 18. These versions contain a number of bonus tracks that have never been released before on digital format.


2 thoughts on “Gyllene Tider’s new single out on March 18, album on April 24”

  1. It’s a shame that “Heartland Café” never got the digipack treatment. I am not a big fan of the album, but I’d like to have the complete series anyway. Actually, there’s enough material to put a bonus CD together.

    1. Kiss from a stranger (Album outtake)
    2. Mr. Twilight (Album outtake)
    3. Anytime (From Hi Fidelity compilation)
    4. Young girl (B-side)
    5. Rock on
    6. Teaser japansese (Oriental version)
    7. Beating heart (När vi två blir en) – as Modern Times
    8. To play with fire (Leka med elden) – as Modern Times.

    Also, they could add 1 or 2 songs from the never released English album that was, supposedly, recorded on 1981.

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