Gyllene Tider signing sessions for “Dags att tänka på refrängen”

Gyllene Tider releases “Dags att tänka på refrängen” on April 24th and as expected, you will have the chance to meet the 5 mighty guys from Halmstad and get your copy of the album signed.

April 26th at 17:00 CET, Stockholm NK, Hamngatan

April 27th at 14:00 CET, Halmstad Åhlens, Brogatan 14

April 28th at 14:00 CET at Rocks at Kungsmässan, Kungsbacka, Halland.

Hopefully, more dates to come!


1 thought on “Gyllene Tider signing sessions for “Dags att tänka på refrängen””

  1. Hejsan! Could please somebody tell me what the advantage of the single CD (the album with only 1 CD) will be? It is quite mysterious that the double CD will be sold officially in Germany, one week earlier and on top of all even much cheaper than the single CD. Since the single CD will be much more expensive there must be at least a small advantage, mustn’t it? Maybe a bigger booklet? A case made of more sturdy material (not mainly made of cardboard like most double CDs in past have been made of unfortunately, but only made of plastic)? I’m completely confused and dunno what to buy. I would buy both versions if I knew that the single CD will at least have a small advantage. Please help. Thanks a lot!!!

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