Per Gessle – being a doppelganger

We’ve been already kidding with it since last May or so that – with his actual hairdo – Per reminds many people of Mr. Snape from Harry Potter movie. Yeah, even a bad Photoshop pic was made back then (by me, sorry…).



Can’t be a coincidence that Per visited Grindelwald 2 weeks ago. 😉

Now, after Mr. Gessle appeared on Gyllene Tider’s press conference with his freshly dyed, trimmed and straightened hair, Twitter and several blogs (why should we give it a miss?) are bursting with short notes on the similarity (see tweets and blog links after the picture). Judge it yourself:



Well, it doesn’t matter until he himself likes it and those ruthless G majors sound better on a Rickenbacker while he’s shaking his hair. 😉

Links to some tweets & blogs:

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