Sven Lindström’s book about Roxette is out soon

”Roxette – osannolika tur och retur” is the title of Sven Lindström’s book about Roxette’s unlikely return. It seems that the book is first being published in Swedish, but Sven informed The Daily Roxette earlier that it will be available in English, too.

Sven said in an interview in July, 2012:

It’s a pretty unlikely story, both about how they broke through, and how they came back a few years ago. There will also be an insight into the fans’ relationship to the band.

It is a dramatic story that this band has been through and I think it will be quite surprising when you see the big picture. They have done a trip like no band in Sweden have done.


Roxette – osannolika tur och retur



The book tells the story of one of Sweden’s most successful bands of all time. It’s a story full of passion and drama, joy and sorrow, unlikely success and dark adversity.

We follow Roxette the whole way. The hobby project that Per Gessle hardly dared to believe in when he was dying his hair blond and Marie Fredriksson was Sweden’s most shining female artist. Worldwide success after the somewhat unlikely breakthrough came out of international pop hits like “The Look”, “Listen To Your Heart”, “It Must Have Been Love” and “Joyride” in the late 80s and early 90s. Tours, disc recordings and conflicts. The shocking news when Marie Fredriksson’s brain tumor almost gave the story a tragic end. The long and difficult way back. And then the almost neverending global comeback in front of celebrating and crying fans worldwide, a comeback unprecedented in Swedish music history.

”Roxette – Den osannolika resan tur och retur” broadens the understanding of a unique Swedish music phenomenon, treated often unfairly in their homeland and almost religiously worshiped throughout the world.


Bokus, CDON, Adlibris, and Bokextra have already listed the book (304 pages, hardcover) on their websites. Publishing date is 4th September, 2013.


Well, in Nordstedts’ autumn catalog we can see an English title in the list of content, so most probably All Roxers around the world will have the chance to read this promising book:

Lindström, Sven: Today Sweden, Tomorrow the World

© NordstedtsNordstedts_höst_katalog_2013_Roxette_sida_32


Johan Bylin and Roxette Cafe contributed to the article.


8 thoughts on “Sven Lindström’s book about Roxette is out soon”

  1. It HAS to be released in English! Everything else doesn’t make sense. Would have preferred a more serious cover design. Should be an interesting story for mainstream (or music interested) audiences, not just Roxette fans.

    • I agree. I don’t know why the Roxette releases cannot have professional and stylish covers like the Gessle-solo stuff. It’s always a photo, some random font, shocking colours and that’s all. Looks like the work was done in 5 minutes. Anyway, I hope it’s worth reading and full interesting facts about Roxette (as I don’t care much about fans and their stories).

      • Just because of the “old” photo? I hope for interesting stuff in there! Still think the book would benefit from a different cover though…

  2. Man, why does all the artwork of the last years look so cheap?? I always thought Scandinavian Designers do have style.

  3. Sascha :

    Just because of the “old” photo? I hope for interesting stuff in there! Still think the book would benefit from a different cover though…

    I’m affraid the content of the book won’t tell too much we had never heard/seen before. Marie’s illness & later recovery have been covered by several documentaries (En Andras Chans, Roxette 20 years, Charm School EPK, All begins where it ends..) and the same fans’ stories (All Begins where it ends, I en underbar ballong). In addition, the fact that it is written in swedish (language barrier) won’t make me buy a book that I will not be able to read. I’ll get the digital format though

    • It’s said that the English version will be published at the same time. They’re working in the translation. Even if we’re not going to find much stuff we haven’t read/heard before, this is book looks more interesting than the Underbar ballong essay, than I will never buy.

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