Roxette on Trigger

Trigger Creative Conference is Sweden’s leading innovative conference for the music industry. Participants from all branches of the popular music community gather to share fresh and constructive thinking through discussions, debates and new working methods on how to help the future of the industry. The conference is going to take place during the Peace & Love festival, Borlänge (27 and 28 June 2013), where Roxette had a fantastic gig last year. But this is not the only connection to Roxette. The 2nd day’s theme is ”Do it the Swedish way” and the first topic is: The amazing Roxette revival and the use of social media in that. Presenter of it will be Richard Conlon, Senior Vice President Corporate Strategy, Communications & New Media at BMI, US.

We hope to get to know more about this presentation later.


Per_G_Borlange_2012_Cozycot  Marie_F_Borlange_2012_Cozycot

27th June 2012, Peace & Love Festival, Borlänge, Sweden     ©