#gtsommar 450m2 of Swedish summer

Marknadplatsen in Halmstad is almost ready to have a great ‘golden times’ party tonight. The brand new stage of 450m2 with two big screens on each side, lights and sound systems was built by over 200 people. The total area for the concert amenities, including toilets, refreshments is a staggering 10,000 m2. As HallandPosten informs 1500 was the number of the extra tickets released this Wednesday since the production got bigger and they were able to fit in more people than they thought in the beginning. Additionally Micke’s son Dennis will be part of the filming crew, Gyllene Tider drummer shared this information on his blog the other day.

For those who head to Halmstad, Halland Posten published list of places which Gyllene Tider’s fans should visit during their stay in town – from Hamiltons Vag till old Tits & Ass studio in Styrdal.

If you are interested in live reports from Marknaplatsen, Hallands Nyheter journalists are of help. Today at 3pm CET they will start reporting all happenings from the premiere night. Follow them here.

Corina Lesu contributed to the article.