Hats off to Gyllene Tider’s security team

Micke Syd told us in an interview (which will be on this website soon!) last Monday that he was very happy about the numbering system that was created during this tour for those queueing all day, and he has just posted a nice success story in his blog on Hallandsposten.se:

We are glad to have a lot of people on tour not only from Sweden, but from around the world. They come to see several gigs, some of them see all shows. Many of the foreign fans are Roxette fans who started listening also to GT, which I think is great fun. Many of them are queueing all day, sometimes more, but earlier maybe they didn’t get to their preferred spot, if someone else ran faster, etc.

But luckily, now we have a security guy called Atli, who felt that something has to be changed. So he has created a system after gig number two in Lysekil that makes everyone who was queueing long before the gig happy. They go inside the venue in peace together, in line, according to their numbers. Lovely Swedish system! 🙂 And now there’s a totally different atmosphere among our hardcore fans, which I think is very good. So hats off to Atli and all of you who spend a long time before every gig in the queue outside the entrance.

Nice words, Micke Syd. Thanx for always thinking about us, international fans, too.

Hip hip hurray for Atli and of course, for Sandra Knospe and Celestte Williams, who helped him to find out the best way of a calm insläpp and make all hardcore fans happy. Thanx for your & your colleagues’ (especially Malin’s) efforts, Atli!

From our side, we made a commitment to ourselves to try to spread this to other Rox&Co (you never know what will be next… Roxette, Per solo?) tours as well.

And we would be happy to have you in any other country at any future gig to organize our entrance the same way. It simply makes the concert experience even better. 😉

Show Security Sweden rulez!


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2 quotes from Atli. First one is from Helsingborg, when he started to find out the system:

”I’m sick of you running!”

The other, which we heard many times and knew the answer to it very well:

Atli: ”What happens to those who start running?”
Crowd in chorus: ”You kick them out PERSONALLY!”

It was our pleasure meeting you! Have a good rest after the tour ends!

Article 1 and article 2 on RXB mentioning the great work of the security team.

Update 1: comment from Malin from Show Security Sweden:

You guys makes us blush.. Many thanks for your cooperation and the never ending happy smiles when we arrive to the sites. You rock! /Malin

Update 2: Sandra talked to Malin to say thanks from all of us, because it’s her last concert tonite. She asked Sunny to tell everyone involved that the company is really thankful, too that everyone was cooperating and helping to make the entries work so good. They all appreciate it and want everybody to know it. To quote Malin:

It’s nice to see that everyone was aiming for the same goal: to experience a great concert.

 Update 3: Atli’s comment:

Wow. Thank you everyone. What a summer we have had together!
I will do my last show in Halmstad in a few days. I see that many of you have gone home by then. But I know there are many of you left for the last shows. Thanks for all your smiles and cooperation.

Update 4: Show Security Sweden posted our article with this comment:

Gyllene Tider Sundsvall – check!

We would like to thank GT’s great fans for their fantastic cooperation during the whole tour so far and joining us in creating the best possible experience for all. Hats off to you!

See the attached link, this is precisely what makes you go to work with a smile on your face – every day.

And remember: Those who run go back to the end of the queue. Never forget that!


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  1. I was really impress at how organized and orderly things were. Kudos to Atli, and also Celestte and Sandra!

    I was also surprised about how the security team was handing out water to the front row during concerts.

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