Roxette – Den osannolika resan tur och retur

Bokus made available the 2 first chapters of Sven Lindström’s new book about Roxette’s unlikely return on their website. Click here to read them. The book also includes stories of 6 well-known Roxers and is published on 30th August, 2013.



Sven_L_Roxette_DORTOR_cover  Sven_L_Roxette_DORTOR_contents


You can read some more about the book in our earlier article here.


A little help for those who can’t speak Swedish: Claudia Bastian and Celestte Williams translated the 1st chapter. We want to emphasize that we don’t want to  break any copyright laws, but appr. 80-90% (if not more) of Roxette fans can’t speak Swedish. So we do hope the English version of the book is out soon after it’s been published in Swedish. 😉




3 thoughts on “Roxette – Den osannolika resan tur och retur”

  1. The autor should learn that not all of us care or are interested in the stories of the fans. No need to mention it’s always the SAME fans who love to be everywhere: front row, dvd recordings, documentaries, newspaper articles. Do we have to read about them in the book too? We have heard their stories a thousand times before, I am tired of them!!!! If I bought this book is beause I want to learn about Roxette, nothing else.

  2. Wiracocha, if you are tired of the stories of the fans, why do you spend your time reading about them? And why you change your nicks if you are so obvious?

    • I don’t read about them, I avoid it at any cost. I won’t buy this book for that reason. But we are forced to know about them even if we don’t want. The documentary that was aired last year for example. What is so obvious about it??

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