Changes in facebooking habits are much appreciated

Roxette_Official_FBYou might remember this article with the voting regarding what you think about Mr. G’s facebooking habits.

230 Roxers voted so far (which – considering that ~673 000 fans are there on Roxette Official – is not representative at all, but thanx to everyone who voted!).




Next to 33% of Roxers who chose they love anything Per is posting, 54% of the voters don’t really like the repostings, but new stuff or at least if Per is sharing his thoughts shortly. Well, after the article was published and there were already some votes, Mr. G’s facebooking habits changed (back) to something very adorable. Long post about the release party of the book and even a photo, short daily updates about relevant happenings in the Rox world AND comments on fans’ posts / comments. Even if he’s making fun of us sometimes, by e.g. stating he’s in Munich, making many fans think about heading to Munich immediately, this is just lovely.

We all like it, so keep up the good thing, Per! Thanx a lot for caring about our opinion. 😉