Marie Fredriksson about upcoming solo album: “You can expect a typical Marie Fredriksson style”

There have been some rumours going on about a new Marie solo album the past months and specially since the recording of “Tack för musiken” last week. I had the chance to ask Marie a couple questions about the album and other topics:

RXB: First of all, how was your summer? You did some appearances like with GT at Ullevi or at Madeleine’s wedding or now the recording of “Tack för musiken”…
Marie Fredriksson:
My summer was relaxing and sunny. And GT was a great evening! Sweden and GT at its best. Madeleine asked and it was lovely to play at her wedding. I think “Tack för musiken” is a great TV show and Niklas is a great host and a good ol’ friend of mine. I was very surprised and happy to see all of you in the front rows!

RXB: There have been rumours for a long time about a solo album, what can you tell us about it?
Marie: You can expect a typical Marie Fredriksson style. The album is in Swedish.

RXB: When did you start working on it and with whom did you record the album?
Marie: I started a long time ago but a world tour came in-between. The album is produced by Micke [Bolyos] and Christoffer Lundquist. We had Mr. Pelle Alsing on drums on a couple of tracks. Jens Jansson and Christer Jansson played drums too. Then Christoffer Lundquist played bass and guitar, so did Staffan Astner and Jokke Pettersson. Ola Gustavsson [who was at “Tack för musiken” as well] played guitar and pedal string. Micke played keyboards and did some programming together with Christoffer.

RXB: and who wrote the songs?
Marie: I wrote one song, Per [Gessle] wrote one song too and the rest are written by Micke, mostly together with different lyricists.

RXB: There were also rumours about a solo tour… so we are wondering if and when?
Marie: Definitely not during 2013. Maybe 2014, but nothing is decided yet, so I cannot tell you more at this stage. But I love to tour, it’s the best I know!

RXB: What are you doing nowadays when you are not busy with music?
Marie: I am painting, relaxing and having fun. I love to be close to my family.

We are very much looking forward to the album (and tour)!!

4 thoughts on “Marie Fredriksson about upcoming solo album: “You can expect a typical Marie Fredriksson style””

  1. thank’s for this great interview!! Can’t wait for the new marie’s solo album, i’m sure will be great! Marie is so special 🙂 By from Italy

  2. Marie’s music mean to me melancholy, rain and dusk of autumn. So I hope we’ll get something similar to Den ständiga resan (which is most autumnal album ever to me) or I en tid som vår.

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