Mr Gessle’s thoughts not to be lost

As Per is sharing a lot of information about his songs, demos, covers, etc. on Roxette Official and Per Gessle Official lately, we thought to collect them here, not to lose these pearls in the dark depths of Facebook. We hope Per is keeping up the good thing (thanx in advance, Mr G) and this way we can continuously update the list with his comments, so check it whenever you feel like it. There may be some new info for you from time to time. First of all, check Per’s posts, but if you don’t have time each day to have a look at the Facebook sites he’s handling, you can come here and see what’s new on the list.

We’ve created a section called PG about songs for this up in the Menu.

Enjoy the collection!




1 thought on “Mr Gessle’s thoughts not to be lost”

  1. This is probably the greatest idea that I have come across for a very long while! Amazing guys, I cannot thank you enough for this awesome collection. Especially Per’s comments that you put next to the links make it extremely valuable. Chapeau!

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