Marie Fredriksson’s awesome performance in Skavlan

Marie and her husband, Mikael Bolyos appeared in today’s Skavlan show. They performed ”Sista sommarens vals”, the only song Marie wrote for her new album, ”Nu!”. It was a live performance and left everyone breathless not only in the audience, but also in front of TV and computer. It was so touching! Top class piano playing by Micke and what an amazing voice of Marie! She started the song a bit insecure, she looked so fragile, but after warming up in some seconds her voice opened up and she was singing incredibly good! She’s an angel! And watch her facial expressions! Aaaw!

We hoped for some talking, but unfortunately, there was no interview with Marie, ”only” this awesome performance. You can watch it by clicking HERE or at the pic. It starts at 52:29. It is worth watching it at the link of the complete show, because it’s a bit longer and has a much nicer ending than the clip you can see on SVT’s website.


Screenshot is from the performance.

2 thoughts on “Marie Fredriksson’s awesome performance in Skavlan”

  1. I am so touched by Marie’s performance and voice. I don’t really know what to write here and I don’t want to appear foolish but I felt I just had to leave a comment immediately after watching the clip. What a wonderful song!!! It is awesome to see Marie being so strong and singing with such vigour and emotion. In my opinion this performance is the best promotion for the upcoming tour. Last night’s performance will convince even the last person that Marie’s tour is going to be grande. She is after all a great song-writer and an outstanding and exceptional artist. Thank you, Marie!!!

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