Marie Fredriksson – TV ad and PR for ”Nu!”

Lygrell & Silver Productions is the company that made the short video we could see on Aftonbladet’s website last Friday in which Marie and Micke are talking about ”Sista sommarens vals”.

Warner Music Sweden decided to do different PR for the album than usual, so besides some interviews in magazines, there are 5 videos about different topics. Good news is that all 5 videos are available online! (4 of them were removed after this article was published.) The PR videos are fantastic and it’s a great idea to do something different indeed. The productions company informs, Warner will spread them via social media sites.

Here you can check all the videos (note that now only Sista sommarens vals has a valid link):

The videos are shot at Marie’s & Micke’s home in Stockholm, in different places of the house. One of my personal favourites is the one with ”Kom vila hos mig”, where Marie is singing in the studio. Pure awesomeness!

The other is the longest video (15 minutes!!!), where she and Jonna are talking about mode and style. We already shared Jonna’s blog post with Marie some time ago on our Facebook site, so now we know why they were sitting together in Marie’s wardrobe. 😉 In the background you can see many clothes Marie was wearing in old videos (e.g. Anyone, The Big L., Joyride, Milk and Toast and Honey) and on tours or photo sessions. You can see in the video how much Marie loves her hot clothes. Good that she keeps them all.

Besides the 5 PR beauty videos, Lygrell & Silver Productions also made a 20-sec-long TV ad, which can be seen on TV4. Absolutely fantastic! 3 songs can be heard in the ad: ”Det är nu!”, ”Kom vila hos mig” and ”Sista sommarens vals”. Click HERE for watching!


Update 15:30 CET, 1st December: the PR videos besides the one in which Marie and Micke are talking about Sista sommarens vals and the TV ad were removed. Ooops. Warner will probably share them one by one, so please, be patient. They should be out very soon.