Tack för musiken, Marie Fredriksson

SVT broadcasted the show ”Tack för musiken”, for which the recordings with Marie Fredriksson were on 27th August. Click HERE to watch it!

It begins with Niklas Strömstedt and the band performing ”Tro” live. Niklas welcomes Ms Effe only after this. They are sitting and talking about Marie’s career (solo, earlier bands, Roxette, Per Gessle), illness (she’s healthy now and grateful to be there) and her family. Marie’s husband, Micke Bolyos was sitting in the band, playing the keyboards during the show.

You can see how much Marie enjoyed being there and how fine she is. She was very relaxed, smiling and laughing all the time. Tears appeared in her eyes when Niklas was talking about her album ”Den ständiga resan” that there are 13 songs about darkness, but the last song, ”Till sist” is different. He read up the first lines of the song and asked who these lines are about. Marie pointed at Micke and told it’s about him. They looked at each other with so much love during the whole show.

MF_Tack_för_musiken_01  MF_Tack_för_musiken_02

Marie started singing when she was a little child. She started the day with singing at 7 am, when everyone else would have loved to sleep. Later, at the age of 17 she wanted to be an actress. It was her dream. She was talking about how she loves writing songs, but after her illness it’s not that easy anymore. She talked about Lasse Lindbom, how much he means to her. They had a fantastic time and were writing a lot of songs together.

In the audience there were many familiar faces and at one point Niklas started talking about Argentina and the fans. Marie realized there were fans in the audience from Argentina, too and said that a lot of Roxette fans are here and they are fantastic. The fans are always by their side, following them and they are even here at this show. Marie told the fans know all the lyrics regardless of where they are coming from or which language the songs are in.

Niklas was joking about Marie’s name, Gun-Marie and pronounced it the English way: Gun-Marie from Roxette. Everyone was laughing.

Niklas told there were many singers who wanted to sing duet with Marie and asked Ms Effe to mention some. She said Frank Sinatra was one of them. Wow!

Thomas Johansson (Live Nation) was a guest in the show and they talked about Roxette touring (earlier years and the latest world tour), how fantastic it is and that Thomas has always been there for Roxette. Here they mentioned the well-known story of performing ”Sleeping In My Car” live in China.


The songs Marie performed (from some of the songs only a short part):

  1. MF_Tack_för_musiken_04I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You (Aretha Franklin): singing while sitting on the sofa; she said this was the first song that made a real effect on her
  2. Sparvöga: on stage with the band
  3. Ännu doftar kärlek: singing while sitting on the sofa; this was her first real hit
  4. Tro: singing while sitting on the sofa; Niklas started joking about Marie’s dialect and asked her to sing Tro like that; Tro became a completely different song and everyone was laughing hard
  5. Efter stormen: on stage with the band
  6. The Look: singing while sitting on the sofa; MF_Tack_för_musiken_03when talking about Roxette, they of course mentioned The Look, how Marie and Per reacted on it becoming Nr 1 on the Billboard; then Marie started singing the nananana part
  7. It Must Have Been Love: singing while sitting on the sofa; Niklas started playing it on the guitar, then Ms Effe joined with her singing (one line got slightly different lyrics) and soon the audience started singing along
  8. Den bästa dagen: singing while sitting on the sofa; Niklas helped Marie with the lyrics at some point, but she is so damn professional with how she is dealing with improvising; when she ended with singing ”att jag älskar”, Marie & Micke exchanged a lovely look at each other
  9. Om du såg mig nu: on stage with the band; this song she wrote to her father
  10. Sista sommarens vals: singing while sitting on the sofa; she was singing the song with slightly different lyrics vs. the original and at the end she was laughing and saying or it sounds something like this (during the recording of the show the album was not yet out)
  11. Kom vila hos mig: on stage with the band; this is the closing song of the show

Those lucky fans who were there in the audience could listen to these 2 latter new songs before anyone else. How cool is that!

After seeing Marie’s performances in this show, we are longing even more for the tour, aren’t we? Bring on February!

All screenshots are from the show.

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