Here’s the list of Roxette concerts we think should be released

We all got very excited when Per Gessle posted these two posts on the Roxette official Facebook page on the 17th and 25th of January.

FRIDAY UPDATE: Having discussions with EMI (Warner) about re-releasing all VHS/DVD Rox live + documentaries from the past. How about that? Maybe a huge box set? Rox channel on YouTube? Guess the hardest part is to find the stuff in the vaults…. /P. [Post by Roxette Official.]

SATURDAY UPDATE: For your info: Hope to get most of the live VHS & DVD releases from the past out in the open (in top quality) for your insatiable eyes and ears to enjoy. It’s a little messy in the archives at the moment due to the huge EMI/Warner-merger but I’ve got new batteries in my flashlight!. We’re on the case, promise. /P. [Post by Roxette Official.]

At this point all comes down to a simple question: what to release. Or to be even more precise: what Roxette have rights to release and is in a decent audio/picture quality. Per admitted hismelf the hardest part is to find the stuff in the vaults. We have decided to compile a simple to-do, to-find, to-release list, in case Warner forgets how many great concerts Roxette recorded in the past! Let’s do the proper research together – in case we missed something, please drop us a line or two here in the comment section or on our Facebook page (, so we might save a pearl or two from being forgotten 😉

With numbers (1, 2, 3…) we marked official VHS/laser disc/DVD releases, with letters (A, B, C…) – TV performances/internet broadcasts that could be counted as full scale gigs. For obvious reasons we have excluded all unprofessional, private and bootleg recordings as well as other single TV performances (playbacks or live). We didn’t count in one or two first songs from concert reports on TV as it’s a usual thing that journalists have access to those from each concert (as long as there are cameras in the arena). We are here for live experiences – ONLY!


Rock Runt Riket was a 15-concert tour around Sweden done by three artists: Roxette, Eva Dahlgren and Ratata. There is a TV footage from Borgholm concert (21.07.1987) as a part of Badrock Festival where Roxette performed “Sommartider” and “Like lovers do”. We don’t think Roxette was particuallary proud of this tour and they were too young act to consider recording anything in a professional way.



Roxette promoted their second album in Sweden on “Look Sharp 88!” tour and in several European territories in 1989 as “Look Sharp Live!”. During the winter break on the 17th of February 1989 they did release a compilation called “Sweden Live” which included 10 songs recorded during 4 concerts in Sweden – Halmstad (8.12.1988), Örebro (13.12.1988), Norrköping (16.12.1988) and Lund (18.12.1988) with different backstage footage inbetween songs (which was stolen from private Per Gessle’s camera as we learn from the opening credits 😉 ). The concert was directed by Mats Jonstam.

(1) Sweden Live [MUST RELEASE]
01. Dressed For Success
02. The Look
03. Cry
04. Joy of a Toy
05. Surrender
06. Neverending Love
07. Dance Away
08. Dangerous
09. Soul Deep
10. Listen To Your Heart

There are many songs that didn’t make it to the final version – like “It must have been love (Christmas for the broken hurted)”, “Goodbye to you” or “Paint”. Is there a footage of those somewhere? We are quite convinced that if they recorded 4 gigs, they might’ve recorded other songs from the set. The 60 minute version we know was designed for TV purposes.

220px-Roxette_Look_Sharp_LiveOn the 1st of October 1989 Roxette released their second VHS – this time called “Look Sharp Live” which was a mix of  videos “The Look”, “Dressed for Success”, “Dangerous” and “Listen to Your Heart” with three live songs such as “Cry”, “Paint” and “Dance Away” recorded during two legendary concerts at Borgholm castel on 25th and 26th of July, 1989. According to many fans – those three live performances are one of the finest ever done by Roxette and we can only agree. The way it was shot was not only professional, but also very dynamic and Americanish – we all love Hollywood blockbusters! During this concert iconic “Listen to your heart” video was done along with “Dangerous” and “Silver Blue” clips.

(2) Look Sharp Live [MUST RELEASE]
01. The Look
02. Dressed for Success
03. Dance Away (live)
04. Dangerous
05. Cry (live)
06. Paint (live)
07. Silver Blue
08. Listen to Your Heart
09. The Look (remix)

Can we expect some other songs to be found in the vaults from that particular concert? We have very high hopes those three live cuts are not the only ones, but on the other hand, we feel like shooting of “Listen to Your Heart” video was the most important thing during those two nights and only those three songs were saved from the project. Let’s see if Warner digs enough efficiently to find something more. The Borgholm show was shot by Doug Freel. If Warner doesn’t find any other songs from that concert, I guess it would be best to put those three pearls a bonus tracks on Sweden Live release. Additonally, some rare footage from recording sessions of “Look Sharp!” also exists that could make as a super bonus.


During “Join The Joyride” tour several concerts were recorded. The first one was Swiss concert from Zurich recorded on either 13th or 14th of November, 1991. This show was broadcasted on TV in different territories around the world, but not released in any form except various bootlegs.

(A) Live in Zurich, 1991 [MUST RELEASE]
01. Hotblooded
02. Dangerous
03. Fading Like a Flower
04. Church of Your Heart
05. Sleeping Single
06. Spending My Time
07. Watercolours in the Rain
08. Paint
09. Knockin’ On Every Door
10. Dance Away
11. The Big L.
12. Things Will Never Be The Same Again
13. It must have been love
14. Dressed for Success
15. Soul Deep
16. The Look
17. (Do You Get) Excited?
18. Joyride
19. Listen To Your Heart
20. Perfect Day

On the 16th of November EMI released a VHS called “The Videos” that included nothing more but videos off “Look Sharp!” and “Joyride” albums along with a documentary called “The Making of Joyride”. As everything from this cassette is already on the DVD, we don’t think it makes sense to release it at this point.

220px-Roxette_The_Videos(3) The Videos [NOT A MUST]
01. The Look
02. Dressed For Success
03. Dangerous
04. Listen To Your Heart
05. It Must Have Been Love
06. Joyride
07. Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave)
08. The Big L.
09. Spending My Time
10. The Making Of Joyride [Bonus]

(B) Live in Los Angeles, US (20.03.1992) [NOT A MUST]

Three songs: The Look, Fading Like A Flower and It Must Have Been Love have been broadcasted. Interesting footage, but we don’t think there is something beyond that.  It was broadcasted in several countries – including Sweden and Portugal.

(C) Live in Montevideo, Uruguay (21.04.1992) [MUST RELEASE, but WISHFUL THINKING at the same time]

Tele-noce organized a night with Roxette where they broadcasted (almost) full Montevideo concert. 

01. Hotblooded
02. Dangerous
03. Fading Like a Flower
04. Church of Your Heart
05. Sleeping Single
06. Spending My Time
07. Watercolours In The Rain
08. Paint
09. Knockin’ On Every Door
10. The Big L.
11. Things Will Never Be The Same
12. It Must Have Been Love
13. Dressed For Success
14. Soul Deep
15. The Look
16. Joyride
17. Listen To Your Heart
18. Perfect Day

(D) Live in Santiago de Chile (25.04.1992) [WISHFUL THINKING]

Another TV broadcast, this time from Chile, showed on En Vivo channel. Chances that Roxette could release this are very small as it’s very probable that rights to this release are in hand of Chilean TV broadcaster. The whole concert was recorded, but several songs weren’t broadcasted.

01. Interview
02. Dangerous
03. Fading Like A Flower
04. Church Of Your Heart
05. Spending My Time
06. The Big L.
07. It Must Have Been Love
08. Dressed For Success
09. The Look
10. Joyride
11. Listen To Your Heart
12. Perfect Day

Two more songs from this concert such as “Paint” and “Knockin’ On Every Door” were broadcasted on Musica+ channel.

(E) Live in Cordoba, Argentina (30.04.1992) [WISHFUL THINKING]

Teem Music broadcasted a special called “El Especial De Roxette” that included 30 minute footage from Cordoba concert.

01. Backstage (Hotblooded)
02. Fading Like A Flower
03. Church Of Your Heart
04. Sleeping Single
05. Band introduction
06. Paint
07. Knockin’ On Every Door
08. The Big L.

(F) Live in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2-3.05.1992) [WISHFUL THINKING]

In Hacelo X Mi programme those songs were shown:

01. Parts of Hotblooded
02. Spending My Time
03. Paint
04. Knockin On Every Door
05. Soul Deep
06. Interview
07. The Look

On Argentinian TV9 that was the setlist
01. Hotblooded
02. Dangerous
03. Fading Like A Flower
04. Church Of Your Heart
05. Spending My Time
06. The Big L.
07. It Must Have Been Love
08. Dressed For Success
09. The Look
10. Joyride
11. Listen To Your Heart

(G) Live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (9.05.1992) [WISHFUL THINKING]

01. Backstage
02. Spending My Time
03. Knockin’ On Every Door
04. The Big L.
05. Things Will Never Be The Same
06. Dressed For Success
07. Soul Deep
08. It Must Have Been Love
09. Paint
10. The Look
11. Joyride
12. Listen To Your Heart
13. Perfect Day

(4) Live-Ism [MUST RELEASE]

The VHS called “Live-Ism” was released on the 5th of October, 1992 in conjunction with “Tourism” premiere. It includes a show recorded at Entertainment Centre in Sydney, Australia on Friday, 13th of December, 1991. Several songs such as “Fading Like a Flower” or “Sleeping Single” were omitted from the final release, but at the same time “How Do You Do!” video was included as a bonus. “Church of Your Heart” and “(Do You Get) Excited?” videos were created during this down-under vist and compiled with concert footage. Definitely a must release everyone should see. Forgotten footage must find its way somehow to the official release. The whole concert was directed by Wayne Isham and Jeff Richter.


01. Intro
02. Hotblooded
03. Dangerous
04. The Big L
05. Watercolours In The Rain
06. Church of Your Heart
07. Knockin’ on Every Door
08. Things Will Never be the Same
09. Dressed for Success
10. Soul Deep
11. The Look
12. It Must Have Been Love
13. (Do You Get) Excited?
14. Joyride
15. Perfect Day
16. How Do You Do! [Bonus]


(5) MTV Unplugged (recorded on the 9th of January, 1993 at Circkus in Stockholm) [MUST RE-RELEASE]

Roxette was the first foreign band (outside of US/UK world) to perform on MTV Unplugged concert. This was also the first concert officially released by Roxette on DVD in conjunction with “RoxBox” premiere in October 2006. Additionally it turned out that 8 songs that weren’t shown on TV were found and included as bonus tracks. A real highlight of Roxette releases! This is how it should be done, dear Warner!

01. The Look
02. Queen of Rain
03. Hotblooded
04. Interview
05. I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)
06. It Must Have Been Love
07. Fingertips
08. Interview
09. Heart of Gold
10. Churcjh of Your Heart
11. Listen To Your Heart
12. Interview
13. Here Comes The Weekend
14. Joyride
15. So You Wanna Be a Rock’n’roll star

Bonus tracks:

16. Dangerous
17. Spending My Time
18. The Heart Shaped Sea
19. Cry
20. Watercolours In The Rain
21. Surrender
22. Fading Like a Flower
23. Perfect Day


“Crash! Boom! Bang!” world tour started in September 1994 and ended in May 1995. From this tour we have one official release and several more TV broadcasts.

(6) Crash! Boom! Live! (recorded on the 14th of January, 1995 in Johannesburg, South Africa – released in autumn 1996) [MUST RELEASE]

This is the only official concert released from this tour missing several songs from its final cut including “Go to sleep”, “So you wanna be rock’n’roll star” or “Hotblooded”. We would be more than happy to see the whole show with those missing tracks! Someone could steal private recording from Per’s VHS camera he and Asa had along… the same as it was done with “Sweden Live!” concert.

220px-Roxette_Crash!_Boom!_Live!01. Sleeping in My Car
02. Fireworks
03. Almost Unreal
04. Dangerous
05. Crash!Boom!Bang!
06. Listen to Your Heart
07. The First Girl on the Moon
08. Harleys & Indians (Riders in the Sky)
09. Lies
10. The Rain
11. Run to You
12. It Must Have Been Love
13. Dressed for Success
14. The Big L.
15. Spending My Time
16. The Look
17. Love Is All (Shine Your Light on Me)
18. Joyride

(H) Live in Santiago de Chile (2.04.1995) [WISHFUL THINKING]

Second Chilean concerts and second time it’s broadcasted on TV – this time by Mega Vision channel.

01. Fans
02. Sleeping In My Car
03. Dangerous
04. Crash! Boom! Bang!
05. Listen To Your Heart
06. Interview
07. Harleys & Indians
08. Lies
09. Run To You
10. It Must Have Been Love
11. Interview
12. Fading Like A Flower
13. Dressed For Success
14. The Big L.
15. Joyride
16. Spending My Time (MF’s microphone stops working!)
17. Fans
18. The Look

(I) Live in Lima, Peru (5.04.1995) [WISHFUL THINKING]

Concert shown in “En vivo” programme on America channel.

01. Intro
02. Sleeping In My Car
03. Fireworks
04. Almost Unreal
05. Dangerous
06. Crash! Boom! Bang!
07. Listen To Your Heart
08. The First Girl On The Moon
09. Harleys & Indians
10. Lies
11. The Rain
12. Run To You
13. It Must Have Been Love
14. Band intro
15. Fading Like A Flower
16. Dressed For Success
17. The Big L.
18. Joyride
19. Spending My Time
20. Cry
21. The Look
22. Love Is All
23. Hotblooded
24. Go To Sleep

(J) Live in Moscow, Russia (1.05.1995) [WISHFUL THINKING]

One hour programme was broadcasted on FTP channel in Russia – including 11 songs from the Moscow concert and some reports from Roxette’s arrival to the city.

01. At the airport
02. Marie announces concert
03. Crash! Boom! Bang!
04. Harleys & Indians (Riders in the sky)
05. Lies
06. The Rain
07. Run To You
08. It Must Have Been Love
09. Fading Like A Flower
10. Dressed For Success
11. The Big L
12. The Look
13. Love Is All

(K) Live in London (16.11.1995) [WISHFUL THINKING]

Polish TV (TVP2) got access to three songs performed on the only concert promoting “Don’t bore us…” compilation. Possibly nothing more from this concert exists.

Dressed for Success
Listen To Your Heart
You Don’t Understand Me


Roxette released “Room Service” in April 2001. To promote the album, they have done 3 showcase performance out of which 2 were broadcasted on TV. They have also done a 3-month long European tour (cancelling South Africa after 9/11) between September and November.

(L) Live in Cologne, Germany (25.03.2001) [WISHFUL THINKING]

01. Dressed For Success
02. The Centre Of The Heart
03. Listen To Your Heart
04. Real Sugar
05. Dangerous
06. Stars
07. Band introduction
08. Sleeping In My Car
09. The Look
10. It Must Have Been Love
11. Joyride
12. Perfect Day

(M) Live in Barcelona, Spain (27.03.2011) [WISHFUL THINKING]

Room Service showcase recorded in March 2001, just before release of “Room Service” aimed to promote the album. Broadcasted on Canal+ and yann channels.

01. Dressed For Success
02. The Centre Of The Heart
03. Listen To Your Heart
04. Real Sugar
05. Stars
06. Dangerous
07. Wish I Could Fly
08. Sleeping In My Car
09. The Look
10. It Must Have Been Love
11. Joyride
12. Perfect Day

(N) Live in Stockholm, Sweden (16.11.2001) [MUST RELEASE]

The official internet broadcast on and as it was 2001, so long before YouTube time, it was more or less revolutionary! Even nowadays it’s not being done very often. Per and Marie told The Daily Roxette in 2001 that they had no plans of releasing a live DVD. They shot the Stockholm concert for a live webcast, but its quality was not high enough for a DVD or home video. “Recording a concert for a DVD would mean cameramen running around on the stage. It would destroy the night,” said Per. “We would also need much more light in some parts of the concert and they wouldn’t be as intimate anymore,” added Marie.

Will they change mind after 13 years? 😉

01. Intro
02. Crush On You
03. Dressed For Success
04. Listen To Your Heart
05. Waiting For The Rain
06. Real Sugar
07. It Must Have Been Love
08. The Centre Of The Heart
09. Stars
10. You Don’t Understand Me
11. Fading Like A Flower
12. Spending My Time
13. Dangerous
14. Sleeping In My Car
15. Milk And Toast And Honey
16. Wish I Could Fly
17. Band introduction
18. The Big L.
19. Joyride
20. Little Girl
21. Crash! Boom! Bang!
22. Anyone
23. Hotblooded
24. The Look
25. Queen Of Rain
26. Church Of Your Heart


We are not mentioning “Night of the Proms” here. All songs were broadcasted in various versions from various cities on TV. And as it was more of a “performance” than a concert (just 5 songs), I felt it didn’t suite here.


Well, though not all songs made it to the “Travelling the world” (Way out, Only when I dream, Soul deep, Watercolours in the rain mentioning just few), but on the other hand we have finnally got our first official Bluray release. It was recorded on various concerts in Chile, Brazil and Argentina with audience also from Germany, Sweden and South Africa. A cool one.



So to sum up – here’s the list of essential releases that should happen according to our gut feelings.

I. 1988 – Sweden Live (with additional missing songs)
II. 1989 – Look Sharp Live! (as long as it would include more from the Borgholm concert; if it doesn’t exist, then please include those 3 live songs on the Sweden Live release)
III. 1991 – Live in Zurich (we are quite convinced this is one of two TV performances Roxette might have rights to)
IV.  1991 – Live-Ism (Live in Australia with missing tracks)
V. 1993 – MTV Unplugged (it’s on RoxBox, but I mention this just in case; anyway dear Roxette, you should do it again, live, tour with unplugged set!!)
VI. 1995 – Crash! Boom! Live (with additional missing songs)
VII. 2001 – Live in Stockholm (new cuts? better audio and picture? hell yea! let’s finally release this!)

While writting this article, Roxette on TV website was a big help. It lists all performances, concerts that were broadcasted on TV. Or most of it at least.

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  1. I’d be more than happy with just remastered versions of the official releases (LSL/Live-Ism/C!B!L!), but if they can find more like Zurich, they’d be nice as well. Although no need for too many from each tour though.

    Something from 2001 would be great. And any extras above that would just be icing on an already pretty amazing cake 🙂

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