Marie’s tour: Örebro, 21st February #2

650x573_MF_tour_2014Setlist (same as on the first concert)

1. Så stilla så långsamt [1992 – DSR]
2. Kom vila hos mig [2013 – Nu!]
3. Bara för en dag [1987 – ES]
4. Det regnar igen [1992 – DSR]
5. Sista sommarens vals [2013 – Nu!]
6. Ber bara en gång [1996 – IETSV]
7. Sparvöga [1989 off the Swedish drama TV series]
8. Ett hus vid havet [1985 – DSV]
9. Ett bord i solen [2007 – TFT]
10. Så skimrande var aldrig havet [1990 off Taube compilation album]
11. Ännu doftar kärlek [1984 – HV]
12. Så länge det lyser mittemot [1992 – DSR]
13. Om du såg mig nu [1987 – ES]
14. Efter stormen [1987 – ES]
15. Den sjunde vågen [1985 – DSV]

16. Mellan sommar och höst [1992 – DSR]
17. Den bästa dagen [1985 – DSV]
18. Tro [1996 – IETSV]



Watching some videos from the first concert also those who couldn’t attend the show could hear Marie was in top shape. One thing I was missing badly: the singing along. And actually, I was wondering if the audience sitting still was because of the theater atmosphere and being a seated concert in Sweden. I’ve never attended such a concert, so I started thinking OK, this might be the right behaviour and I’ll have to get used to it when I’m there to see Marie live. BUT luckily, today’s show proved that even if it’s a theater event, there are those songs that do make you stand up and dance and sing along and clap your hands. Efter stormen and Mellan sommar och höst were 2 of those songs this time. Check the instavideo below!

According to fans who were there, today’s show was even better than the fabulous premiere concert. Marie and the band were in very good mood and Marie liked the audience standing up and dancing. So, let’s keep it up!

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Efter stormen instavideo
Så stilla så långsamt  by Gyöngyvér Simon
Så skimrande var aldrig havet by Antje Friedrich