Almost 200 Per Gessle songs to be released until September

Cosmos Music Group announced today in a press release that about 200 songs written by Per Gessle will be released on Spotify and later in a box set until September 2014.
The project is called The Per Gessle Archives – A Lifetime Of Songwriting and will consist of 11 volumes including nearly 200 songs from Per’s archive, most of them previously unreleased.
There will be three parts of Per’s career:
Demos & Other Fun Stuff is mainly unreleases stuff from GT, Roxette demos, solo and side projects that Per created throughout the years

The Roxette Demos will be Per’s early versions of Roxette’s many hits.

Solo with Mazarin and En händig man demos in separate albums.

Per Gessle will comment on each songs in interviews by Sven Lindström for the digital version of the release.

The first two volumes will be out in Spotify on May 2nd and the box will be out on September 24th. The box will include the 11 volumes on CD or vinyl and is designed by Pär Wickholm.

Two books with Per’s lyrics will be released by Roos & Tegner. One will be in English and the other one in Swedish and will contain comments, drafts and more.

A single off the box will be releases on Record Store Day on April 26th.