The ultimate song poll! Which Roxette songs would you like to hear live? #1

Roxette_tp_white_bgRoxette’s new world tour is around the corner, at least it feels like that with all the ticket-buying-stress for the countries that are already known. Per explained in an interview with one of the Australian newspapers that Marie has been calling him regarding songs to play live and that they will start rehearsing in September.

As some of you may know, we already run a poll back in 2010. “Silver Blue” was the winner and Roxette listened to the fans and played this song for all of us during the previous tour.

So we decided to start a set of polls and ask you to choose two non-single songs from each album that you would like to hear live. Each poll will last for a week, from Thursday to Thursday.  We will then present all the results to Marie and Per and see what happens, maybe some of the songs end up in the set list! We are sure this will at least bring back some memories and maybe you’ll even re-discover some favourite songs again.

So let’s start with “Pearls of Passion”. In this case we listed all the songs since probably many of us have never heard any of the songs live, besides “Soul Deep”. When was the last time you listened to this album?

Note you can choose up to 2 songs.

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Thanks for participating!
RXB Team