Alcohol-free wine and champagne added to TPGS

10384742_711418838921748_60888618975463852_nThe Per Gessle Selection is growing and growing. We already heard some months ago that champagne would be added to the selection this spring, now we also know the name of the three champagnes that will join Furet, Kurt&Lisa and Sommartider, as Per announced on FB:

Great day in Champagne, France connecting with Pierre Peters & Charles Ellner regarding at least three new champagnes in The PG Selection. Coming up as soon as the new hot labels will be done.

1. THE PLEASER (Wonderful. From Charles E.)
2. THE CONVINCER (This is a rose’ from Charles E. Gorgeous…)
3. THE IMPROVER (Blanc de blanc 2009 from PP. Stunning…I’m blessed to get 500 btls (limited edition) of this unique wine. You’ll only find it in the PG Sel!!!)

The Improver got its final OK just this week, according to this FB post:

The Improver. Sample no 3 was the killer champagne we were looking for!!! At Pierre Peters in Le Mesnil yesterday. /P.

klunkBut that’s not all. Alcohol-free wine will also have a place in the Systembolaget shelves soon. KLUNK vitt, a white wine without alcohol, will be available at Systembolaget from September 1st on. Before that, you will be able to taste this one at Hotel Tylösand, among other restaurants. Rosé will be available as well. Alcohol-free wine was very rare to find until recently, more and more brands are adding it to their collections and catalogues. You may have seen Natureo by the Spanish producer Torres here and there, there are more brands but rather unknown, still. KLUNK is made by the Portuguese wine producer José Maria da Fonseca. Good news for people who cannot or don’t want to drink alcohol for various reasons!