Which Roxette songs would you like to hear live? #4

05_tourism_coverPoll time again! Now it’s the time for “Tourism”.

Again, the big hits (that were played during most tours at least) are excluded from this poll. “So Far Away” was already included in the “Pearls of Passion” poll. “Silver Blue” was already #1 in our previous poll back in 2010 and Roxette played it during the tour 2010-2012, but we think it’s just fair to include it again.

If you are new here and want to know more about the idea behind this poll series, check this article!

You can choose 2 songs – and the poll will run until next Sunday, June 29th.

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The top 3 results per album:

Pearls of Passion:
#1 – Neverending Love (247 votes)
#2 – So Far Away (222 votes)
#3 – Secrets That She Keeps (217 votes)

Look Sharp!
#1 – Paint (504 votes)
#2 – (I Could Never) Give You Up (282)
#3 – Sleeping Single (207)

#1 – (Do You Get) Excited? (404 votes)
#2 – Hotblooded (292 votes)
#3 – Knockin’ On Every Door (278 votes)