Which Roxette songs would you like to hear live? #6

Roxette_Have_a_nice_dayTime to choose your favourite songs from “Have A Nice Day!”

This time “Wish I Could Fly” and “Stars” are excluded. “Anyone” was a single but only played live during the “Room Service” tour in 2001, so we decided to leave it in.

In case you are wondering, we will have a poll to choose the top 3 (or 5?) singles and maybe one with “rarities”: b-sides and other rare tracks.

And talking about setlists, do you know the website Setlist.fm? It contains setlists of many many concerts and artists and some interesting statistics too, here’s the page for Roxette. If you click on the title of each song you will see a list of concerts where the song was played. I haven’t checked the quality of the inputs, though.

Thank you for participating!

As always, you can choose up to 2 songs below.

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The top 3 results per album:

Pearls of Passion:
#1 – Neverending Love (247 votes)
#2 – So Far Away (222 votes)
#3 – Secrets That She Keeps (217 votes)

Look Sharp!
#1 – Paint (504 votes)
#2 – (I Could Never) Give You Up (282)
#3 – Sleeping Single (207)

#1 – (Do You Get) Excited? (404 votes)
#2 – Hotblooded (292 votes)
#3 – Knockin’ On Every Door (278 votes)

#1 – The Rain (296 votes)
#2 – Fingertips (252 votes)
#3 – Queen Of Rain (239 votes)

Crash! Boom! Bang!
#1 – Fireworks (407 votes)
#2 – What’s She Like? (385 votes)
#3 – Run To You (384 votes)

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