NEW Roxette tour date – Faroese Roxers, get ready!

And we thought it’s strange that Roxette plays in France next year… Now another rare tour date is announced. One in the Faroe Islands! Who would have thought? They will really tour countries and cities they’ve never toured before. Too cool! There is a summer festival in Klaksvík between 6th and 8th August and Roxette is one of the main acts performing there next year. Tickets are already on sale, however, it’s not yet confirmed which day Roxette is there. Most probably, 8th August.

This means the band’s last European gig in 2015 is not going to happen in Stockholm in July, but so far it seems the European tour leg ends in Klaksvík in August. Who knows what else they have in the can? There are still some free days in between the already announced tour dates. Let’s see what happens!


Faroe Islands_Roxette