Unplugged tour wanted!

Two days ago Per posted a video of Marie, Christoffer and Dea singing an acoustic version of “Stars” during the warm-up in Turku. The video went totally viral afterwards and has been shared 420 times on Facebook. It popped up several times on every Roxer’s timeline and made people go crazy and remember a wish that most of them have for a long time now: an unplugged tour.

The wishes and high hopes for an acoustic set and arrangement already came up when Roxette announced another world tour earlier this year, starting with the shows in Russia, Finland, Estonia and Lithuania. As we all know, it came differently, instead it’s (another) Greatest Hits tour in all the huge arenas around the globe.

Still, the “Stars” video which is furthermore even lo-fi and a totally unpretentious video of warming up made the hearts melt again. So, here there is our wish again: Give us an unplugged tour or at least some unplugged shows, dear Per and Marie. In case you haven’t seen the video yet (which we doubt!), you can watch it here: