Roxette’s new single “It Just Happens” out tomorrow; album out on June 3

April 8th is a special date for Roxette, as on that day back in 1989 Roxette reached #1 on the Billboard with The Look, their first number 1 in USA and the song that meant their brIt Just Happenseakthrough.

Twenty-seven (yes, 27!) years later, Roxette has decided to release their new single “It Just Happens” on this date. This is the first single off “Good Karma”, Roxette’s 10th album that will be released on June 3rd. The album will also be released on vinyl!

In the press release sent out today, Per explains “we wanted to mix the classic Roxette sound with a modern and somehow unpredictable production to create an interesting sound where one can both recognise us and experience something new”. The song “was one of the first songs written for the album and quickly became one of the key songs” and was therefore chosen as the first single.

Promotion for the song has just started, do not miss the butterfly on all social media! This is going to be a great 30th anniversary year!

Expressen (rating 3/5, “the production has style and fantasy”) and Aftonbladet (rating 3/5, stating the song is “surprisingly good” and “who would have thought Roxette do have so strong and melancholic melodies in 2016?”) also already reviewed the single.


The track list of the album is as follows:Good Karma

01. Why Don’tcha?
02. It Just Happens
03. Good Karma
04. This One
05. You Make It Sound So Simple
06. From a Distance
07. Some Other Summer
08. Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers?
09. You Can’t Do This to Me Anymore
10. 20 bpm

11. April Clouds

1 thought on “Roxette’s new single “It Just Happens” out tomorrow; album out on June 3”

  1. So sorry, but i think that the song is too weak, too simple, childish. Not a power ballad, an album filling song maybe, but not a single at all. No power, simple voices ans a very little marie.
    I wish the album could be stronger than this mix of quaint and modern rythms.
    Too much time waiting and quivering with emotion longing for a new power song and i find a very very simple single.
    I wish them the best, cause i am a big fan, but in my opinion the wont find success in this song.
    No charts, no radiostations and no promo is what i think they will achieve.
    Hopes for the album bur some other summer is a very ugly song, at least the remix, so i am very doubtful about the album.
    I wish i could b wrong and quench my thirst of good music with good karma.

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