Alex Shield in the footsteps of Per Gessle

If you are following the artists signed by Per Gessle’s record label, Space Station 12, you already know that Alex Shield got signed by a big German music label, Starwatch Entertainment. They have just released Alex’s single, The Good Fight in Germany and there are now several articles popping up on German, Austrian and Swiss music sites. You do know that The Good Fight is the song on which you can also hear Alex’s idol, Per Gessle singing, right?

As written in the articles, Alex spent endless weeks in recording studios to prepare for the world of music, and that was where he got the chance to meet his great role model from his childhood – Per Gessle.

I’ve never met Per before, but I’ve seen him outside in front of one of the studio windows. I thought I would play some of my songs to him, but at the same time I realized he probably did not have the time to listen…

Alex took all his courage, introduced himself and asked Per if he could listen to some of his songs. To his great surprise, Per agreed and the rest is, as they say, history.

PG & Alex at the SS12 anniversary party

Per Gessle says:

Yes, that was something really special. Alex played me these songs and I immediately realized that they were exceptional. Fantastic songwriting, interesting arrangements and then his great voice. And since I had just done everything with this record company, I thought… hey, why don’t we actually do something together?

The single The Good Fight is just the beginning of a truly glorious musical career of an artist / songwriter / producer who says:

I want to create timeless music and write songs that will last for future generations.

Well, I was lucky to hear Alex perform live not only once and I think it’s safe to say he has a bright future in front of him. When I write “Alex Shield in the footsteps of Per Gessle”, I do think there is a lot in common and in many things Alex reminds me of Per. He is definitely an exceptional artist and with his amazing songwriting skills and creating great music, as well as having a fab voice, hm… today Sweden & Germany, tomorrow the world? 😉 Best of luck to you, Alex!

Pic of PG by Anton Corbijn, pic of Alex by Christian Gustavsson

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