Gyllene Tider – GT40 – Eskilstuna – 2nd August 2019 – #13

Another day, another show with 12000 people in the crowd. And hey, what a crowd! I can tell it was the loudest so far. Eskilstuna just got on my Top3 list!

It was sunny all day, but at around 7 pm it got windy and the rain started to fall. We couldn’t believe it… But fortunately, it came and it went away in an hour or so. So many leaves landed on stage that the crew had to clear it thoroughly before GT entered.

As usual, the support act, Chris Kläfford got on stage at 20:00 and already during his performance we could have a teaser of the crowd’s vocal abilities. Then came Wilmer X’s Teknikens under, which is usually the last song on Per’s crowd pleaser playlist before the show starts and the audience was singing along to it too. That was really very promising.

The guys and girls hit the stage at 21:00 and their energy level was shining through already during the first song. It was high! They were smiling from ear to ear during the whole concert and were incredibly active. They were interacting a lot with each other and also with the crowd. The gig had an extremely good flow. The crowd was happy to have GT in their town and rewarded the guys and girls with their constant loud sing-along and keeping their hands in the air all the time. It was the first audience on which the sing-along part to Det är över nu worked perfectly without Per starting it.

There was a mosquito invasion at Sundbyholms slott. Thanks to the stage lights you could see there were tons of them around the stage, but you could also feel them on your own skin. Everyone on stage was wondering why the hell there are so many and Per was even clapping on one towards the end of the show.

One of the funniest moments last night was that Micke Syd started playing the drum intro to Det kändes inte som maj when it would have been Sjömän’s turn. He excused himself when he realized it and laughed and the others were laughing too. The crowd found it much fun. Per said this is what happens when you are getting old. You become demented, especially drummers. Haha. The crowd was cheering Micke so loud that Per had to wait a bit until he could go on. But Micke Syd got it back some minutes later when the audience was cheering Per loudly after Micke Syd presented him at the end of the band presentation.

Another fun moment happened during Låt denna trumslagarpojke sjunga! At the part when Micke Syd messed up the lyrics in Karlstad, 2 guys (with the help of some more fans in the front row) held up the text for Micke Syd. He first laughed and then thanked for the fun. It turned out to be so cool!

The setlist was the same as in Karlstad 2 days before, so they played 21 songs again, skipping Tylö Sun and the 1st song in the first encore. What I miss a lot is Chrissie, hur mår du? And not only because of the song, but because of the backdrop during that song. It was the red one with drawings of the 5 golden guys in their early years. Hopefully, we will still see it on tour.

Today is a big day! Without a day off, Gyllene Tider plays Ullevi in Gothenburg.


  1. Skicka ett vykort, älskling
  2. Juni, juli, augusti
  3. Det hjärta som brinner
  4. (Hon vill ha) Puls
  5. Flickorna på TV2
  6. Vandrar i ett sommarregn
  7. (Dansar inte lika bra som) Sjömän
  8. Det kändes inte som maj
  9. Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång
  10. Tuffa tider


  1. Låt denna trumslagarpojke sjunga!
  2. Kung av sand
  3. En sten vid en sjö i en skog
  4. Ljudet av ett annat hjärta
  5. Ska vi älska, så ska vi älska till Buddy Holly
  6. (Kom så ska vi) Leva livet

Encore 1

  1. Det är över nu
  2. Gå & fiska!

Encore 2

  1. När vi två blir en
  2. Sommartider
  3. När alla vännerna gått hem


All pics in the article are taken by Patrícia Peres.

GT after the show:

#12 KARLSTAD! Som väntat en fantastisk kväll i Värmland. Finfint väder, grym publik och småsvängigt ungdomligt band på scen! Tack alla som gjorde onsdagskvällen till ännu ett utsålt gig på denna helt sanslösa GT40-turne’! Imorgon kommer vi till Eskilstuna och exploderar! Luv, GT.