Per Gessle nominated as Hallandian of The Year!

It’s the first time that Halland Marketing Association (Marknadsförening i Halland, MiH) in cooperation with Hallandsposten and Hallands Nyheter will award a prize to Hallandian of The Year. To receive the prize, the recipient must have done good publicity for Halland county and worked publicly for the county’s best.

There are 6 nominees who were chosen from a list of 40 suggested by Hallandsposten readers earlier this autumn. It was difficult to pick these 6 people. They all did great PR for Halland over the years in their own way.


  1. Janne Andersson – coach of the Swedish national soccer team
  2. Linnea Henriksson – singer, songwriter
  3. Boris Lennerhov – CEO of Scandinavia’s largest department store Gekås Ullared
  4. Kålle Gunnarsson – producer, director (theatre)
  5. Per Gessle – one of Sweden’s most successful artists and songwriters, musical genius, world artist
  6. Lisa Lemke – freelance food creator, food stylist, pizzeria owner, television chef

The jury’s motivation for nominating Per: “One of Sweden’s most successful artists and songwriters. A world artist and musical genius who has gilded many people’s lives with Roxette, as a solo artist and as a front figure in Gyllene Tider for 40 years. This summer’s successful farewell tour GT40 attracted a record number of visitors. Per has received several prestigious awards such as Grammys, Rock Bears and the King’s Medal. Per is one of three Swedish artists who topped the Billboard charts, the most powerful in the music world. In addition, he writes songs for a wide range of other artists, owns Hotel Tylösand and produces his own wines and champagne with a local touch.”

To vote, you have to send an SMS with this text: “HP ÅH Per” to the number 72010 in Sweden. You can vote until 29th November and the gala where the winner will be announced is held on 19th December in Halmstad Arena. Hallandian of The Year will be awarded a unique painting by Halland artist Dagmar Glemme and his / her photo will be installed at Halmstad Airport. The idea is to place all future winners’ photos there too.

Good luck, Mr. G!