Memorial concerts for Marie Fredriksson in Östra Ljungby church

Svenska kyrkan, Klippans pastorat organized 2 concerts in memory of Marie Fredriksson on 8th March in Östra Ljungby church. Marie was born in Össjö, but she grew up in Östra Ljungby and never forgot her roots. People in Östra Ljungby have always been very proud of her. There are several in the church’s choir who went to school together with Marie and they felt they had to do something. Before they began to organize the concerts, they asked Marie’s family if it was OK. When asked they remembered Marie as a down-to-earth person and that she was always singing. She saw a piano, sat there and started playing and singing.

The first concert was held from 17:00, the next from 18:30. Soloist Carolina Söderman felt honored to sing in Marie’s home ground and she shares that the first time she was singing at a wedding was when she was 17 in 1994 and the song she sang from Marie was Ännu doftar kärlek. Carolina says Marie had heart and emotion in everything she sang.

Tickets (250-250) for the events got sold out in less than 24 hours 1 month ago. One ticket cost 100 SEK and all proceeds will be donated to Cancerfonden (Cancer Foundation).

Songs that were performed:

  1. Ett hus vid havet
  2. Den bästa dagen
  3. Ännu doftar kärlek
  4. När kärleken föds
  5. Sång till Marie
  6. Listen To Your Heart
  7. Efter stormen
  8. Sparvöga
  9. Tid för tystnad
  10. Där du andas
  11. Tro

At the 2 concerts 50,000 SEK was collected from the ticket sales and this fully goes to Cancerfonden. You can also donate money to Cancerfonden via their website. THIS collection goes until 15th March and already 56,330 SEK is collected related to this Östra Ljungby event. You can also use this bank account number for donations: SE0650000000052101012251 or donate to the local cancer foundation in your country.

Videos from the event: 1; 2;