Per Gessle about Mamma and Pappa on P4 Musik

There was a conversation with Per Gessle on Swedish Radio’s P4 Musik program yesterday. It starts at 33:32 HERE.

The program leader, Carolina Norén introduces Per as Sweden’s answer to Bob Dylan [they played Bob Dylan’s I Contain Multitudes before that /PP], a real Swedish songwriter and pop icon. She says Mr. G released 2 new songs recently and the radio plays Mamma first. Then Per joins in via phone and it turns out he is still in Halmstad since Easter. He says it’s a strange time we live in, but it’s nice living in Halmstad.

Carolina asks Per where he got the inspiration from for writing Mamma for Mother’s Day. Per says he was writing songs in English for an English project and the idea just came up that shit, it’s soon Mother’s Day, so why not writing a song for that occasion. So he sat down and wrote a text. It turned out to be nice and he recorded it with Helena Josefsson. Then he thought shit, he should write a father song too and he wrote Pappa, which was a bit harder to write. He locked himself in the studio and then played the songs to a few people and they thought they were damn fine. They recorded them quickly and the single was out before Mother’s Day, which is lovely.

Carolina notes that if she compares the 2 songs, in Mamma’s lyrics you can’t find the word ”mamma”. Per says he didn’t want to write the songs in a way or paint them at all costs as if they are about his own mother and father. He actually wrote a story about a mom. He thought of a person, a mom, a woman in the beginning of a relationship and that life goes on and life ends. Of course, he used his own relationship to his mother, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a true story about her. It’s the same with the lyrics of Pappa. It’s a bit dark and has an exciting drama in it. The 2 songs are very different. Mamma is tender while Pappa is a bit darker.

Carolina asks Per who he is more similar to, his mother or his father. Per thinks he is rather like his mother was. He didn’t have a long realtionship with his father since he died when Per was still a teenager. He always heard it in his life that he is like his mom, so it’s probably true.

Carolina also brings up Mono Mind and tells Per there is so much creativity in him. She is curious if the new English project is related to Mono Mind or what it is at all. Per says a lot is going on. He always had several projects going on at the same time. There was his solo career, Gyllene Tider and Roxette and they are all different. It fits his personality very well that he can jump from one project to another. He is working on Mono Mind, on English songs and Swedish acoustic songs. During the past years he started working with other musicians too and it’s very different now, because he had always been a lone wolf before. When you are working in a team, there are a lot of compromises and he is not sure what comes out of it, but we will see.

Mr. G says holidays are overrated when Carolina asks him about vacation. Haha.

PG part ends with the radio playing Pappa.