Per Gessle podcast interview by Rhino

Rhino is the catalogue development and marketing division of Warner Music Group, founded in 1978. They started a podcast series in 2018 and hosts Rich Mahan and John Hughes now welcomed Per Gessle in it. Listen to it HERE!

Per talks about the times Marie and he met, the story of their break-through in the US with The Look and how things changed after that. The guys also talk about Listen To Your Heart, touring, playing large venues, as well as Per’s Los Angeles adventures with Anders Herrlin in 1981. It Must Have Been Love is also popping up of course, as well as the recordings of Good Karma. Rich, John and Per discuss Roxette being a power pop band and Mr. G talks about Bag of Trix too, where he shares details about Let Your Heart Dance With Me and Piece of Cake. The guys talk about EMI and several Roxette albums, as well as Per’s other music projects like Mono Mind or his Swedish band, Gyllene Tider. Per talks a bit about his latest Swedish solo album too, as well as songwriting. The podcast ends with talking about Marie, how she made Per’s songs much better and how she made the songs her own.


Stills are from the podcast episode teaser.