Tribute concert to Marie Fredriksson during the theme year ”100 women, 100 years”!

Malmö Live Konserthus inaugurates the theme year 100 women, 100 years which aims to strengthen and pay tribute to women in the music industry. During the year, about twenty programs will be presented and one of them is a tribute concert to Marie Fredriksson who was one of Sweden’s foremost singers and songwriters who passed away in 2019. Her career was both great and broad. She wrote, produced, sang and moved between the creation of big hits and finding the fragile and difficult in her lyrics. Via Roxette, she became a world artist.

With a concert in two parts, together with the Malmö Symphony Orchestra and three soloists, she is celebrated on 10th, 11th and 12th March 2022. The concert will be a journey through Marie Fredriksson’s art. Malmö Live Konserthus produces and Christoffer Nobin is the conductor, arranger and author of the idea. His relationship with Marie Fredriksson’s art is deep and has followed him through life.

Christoffer Nobin says:

Her songs and lyrics have been able to describe what I myself have not been able to describe, and her voice has aroused an ecstasy and admiration that only few others can achieve. This world artist, at the same time a mysterious rock star and down-to-earth Scanian girl, has reached hearts all over the world with her unique singing voice and genuine expression.

Soloists will be announced shortly and tickets will be released this autumn. -> UPDATE on 10th November 2021: Helena Josefsson and Amanda Bergman will be on stage!

Tickets are on sale HERE!

Photo is from the press release.

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Thanks for the hint regarding the ticket sales start, Paula Cafiero Högström!

Update on 13th December:

Loney Dear will also join Helena Josefsson and Amanda Bergman on stage, while Christoffer Lundquist also supports the project. Christoffer Nobin who – besides being the one who came up with the idea – is the conductor and arranger says: „She simply sang fantastically well. She has a directness and an appeal in her voice that makes it strike directly, it feels like a force of nature. There is a simplicity and humanity in her voice, at the same time she was technically proficient. And not least: you always recognize her voice, it’s very unique.”

Helena Josefssson, who is looking very much forward to paying tribute to Marie says: „I think it’s great fun that Marie’s music will be in the focus. I feel we have a lot in common with her, we both come from the band culture, and I think her singing technique was influenced by starting in bad rehearsal rooms. Then you must be able to use your voice in different ways. When I got to tour with Marie for a whole year on Roxette’s last world tour, I got to know her. According to the fans, she became an even more loving person when she came back, and what I saw was a person who really loved to sing for her audience. She was also a very simple person without complicated manners, if there was only simple hot dog after the concert she was happy.”

Helena also remembers with warmth how Marie’s son, Oscar was at several concerts and sat in the dressing room with his mother and patiently helped her practice the lyrics, which became more difficult to remember after her illness: „It must have been fun to see her mother on stage in front of tens of thousands of fans who cheered when she came out. It was probably a great feeling for Marie’s children to see her like this.”