Gyllene Tider – Hux Flux – Hela Sveriges dagbok

What does a Bo Diddley model Gretsch guitar have to do with Gyllene Tider? Why is Benjamin Ingrosso starstruck by Per Gessle? How much does Gyllene Tider mean to Micael Bydén, Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces? What does Gabriel Gessle think of his father’s songs? Who moved a wedding, who left Australia, who has toured with Prince and who “dissed” Paul McCartney?

Never before has anyone come so close to Per Gessle, Micke Syd, Mats “MP” Persson, Anders Herrlin and Göran Fritzon in Gyllene Tider as in this photo-packed book.

Anders Roos started taking pictures already in connection with the “secret” album recording in Harplinge in June 2022 and Jan-Owe Wikström recorded the “diaries” from there and until the last chord sounded on Gyllene Tider’s eighth summer tour through Sweden, Norway and Finland.

But it is not only from the members’ own perspective, but also the families, artist colleagues, technicians, stage builders, staff around, the organizers, industry people and fans who all have their own stories to tell and relationship to the band that for decades planted power pop in the Swedish folk soul.

This is “Gyllene Tider – Hux Flux – Hela Sveriges dagbok”. And a little of the world. With a foreword by Per Simonsson who directed the upcoming film about Gyllene Tider.

The book will be published on 24th November, is bound in the format 215 x 280 mm and consists of 240 pages.

Pre-order it at Bengans and you will receive an exclusive print signed by photographer Anders Roos that you can frame! (There are 10 different prints randomly attached.)

You can also pre-order the book at Ginza.