Travelling charting

New Roxette album Travelling entered official Czech album chart on #7. Although was realease date set to this Monday, album was already released last week in Thusrday. So only two days were enought for Travelling to jump on positin 7. FYI Charm School scored #1 and received Gold status in Czech Republic last year.

Additionally “It’s possible” debuted at #64 on German single charts.

Charm School 24th best selling album of 2011 in Sweden

Roxette´s comeback album “Charm School” became 24th best selling album of 2011 in Sweden according to Sverige Topplistan. Let’s remind the previous years in Rox album history.

Year 2001: Roxette – Room Service #9 (platinum), Marie Fredriksson – Äntligen – Marie Fredriksson bästa #65 (3x platinum).
Year 2002: Roxette – The Ballad Hits #33 (gold)
Year 2003: Per Gessle – Mazarin #1 (4x platinum)
Year 2004: Gyllene Tider – Finn 5 fel! #1 (3x platinum), Gyllene Tider – GT25 – Samtliga Hits! #12 (platinum), Per Gessle – Mazarin #13 (5x platinum), Marie Fredriksson – The Change #18 (gold), Gyllene Tider – Ljudet av ett annat hjärta #48
Year 2005: Son Of A Plumber #3 (platinum)
Year 2006: Son Of A Plumber #75 (platinum), Roxette – A Collection Of Roxette Hits #85
Year 2007: Per Gessle – En händig man #7 (3x platinum)
Year 2008: Per Gessle – Party Crasher #24 (platinum)

Sverige Topplistan

Top Rox 2011 – results!

So voting is over, almost 400 of us – fans, participated and here are ‘Top Rox 2011’ results.

Winners are Joyride (best album), Room Service (best sleeve), Tourism (best booklet), It Must Have Been Love (best single), A Thing About You (best video), She’s Got Nothing On (worst video), Charm School Tour (best tour), Joyride era 1991-1992 (best haircut), Den ständiga resan (best Marie’s solo album) and The World According To Gessle (best Per’s album).

Complete results can be found on Roxroom site.

Last chance to vote in Top Rox 2011

It’s almost one month since we started our last survey Top Rox 2011 on Roxroom, so it’s time to summarize all results in all ten categories where you can vote for your favourite Roxette album, single, tour, album sleeve, album booklet, best Per’s and Marie’s haircut, best Per’s and Marie’s album and also best and worst Roxette video. So here we have last 7 days to vote in this survey. So far about 200 fans voted, but the more fans will participate, the more precise results we will get about which Rox item fans like the most.

The results – I do believe interesting results – will be published day or two after.

Vote here till January 15th and thanks for your participation.

Vote your Rox favs in Top Rox 2011

Hi all Roxers! Another year is almost gone, we’ve got brand new album, new world tour and couple of new singles and videos. So it’s time for another anniversary poll. You can vote your favourite Roxette album, single, video, tour, album cover, album booklet and also best Per and Marie solo albums. You can vote also for your least popular video and best haircut era this time. Just visit the link to Roxroom site.

Results will be announced during January in one article. Let’s see what stuff we like the most from our favourite band. You’re welcome and enjoy!

Btw 2009 results can be found here:

Has Per recorded soundtrack for Jonas Åkerlund movie “Small Apartments”?

Per revealed that he has written and recorded a soundtrack album for a movie during this year. Could it be a new 2012 Jonas Åkerlund film called “Small Apartments” starring Dolph Lundgren, Billy Crystal or Peter Stormare? IMDB Small Apartments 2012.

We are only guessing, you know 🙂

Update, December 2: Per Gessle’s comment seems to deny this rumour.

Wow, what a line-up! Wish it was true!

And Matt Lucas is in there! Hallelujah! And Jimmy Knoxville! And Billy Crystal! And james Caan! Jeezus, Jonas – how did you manage this?

Czech reporter review of yesterday’s gig in Prague + huge photogallery

“Catchy melodies, strong choruses and unique symbiosis of male and female music ego, don’t lose its magic – even after so many years. The comeback, which isn’t only a nostalgic memory of the flat past, that’s for sure.”

This is the begining of an article by old time Roxette fan and reporter of Czech music magazine “t-music” Iva Marešová, which with more that 16.000 fans attended yesterday’s gig in Prague. You can read her article in Czech and also in English. She wrote that “thus the main question was – does Roxette’s comeback fall into the category of the meaningless returns or, conversely, belong to a group of those that makes sense? Yesterday’s concert gave the perfect answer.”

And continues that “Prague show offered three kinds of moments – blur, nice and extraordinary. To the class of the extraordinary belonged the American’s “big four” – The Look, Listen To Your Heart, It Must Have Been Love and Joyride. Last-mentioned offered a unique intro – the metal version of Škoda lásky.”

Article ends with very charming resume: “There are a lot of bands, which can’t avoid the idea they should end up on top with a “big name”. Before beginning a new chapter the candidates for this post were also Roxette. False. Arguments? The potential of the old material that is not just a flat retro as well as the ability to do the new hits that will not reach the success of the past ones, but still belong to above-average.”

Follow the links below, you can find complete article with many pictures from the show and also from a meet and greet with Roxette (these will be added later).



First reviews to “Charm School”

New album is ‘out’ and we can read first reviews. Expressen’s journalist and old time Roxette reviewer Anders Nunstedt writes his review, gives 2/5 to the new album and sais that “Roxette’s comeback album is a clear return to the successful sound. Just a bit more boring. Without the former charm.”

He adds that “album is not bad, is rather twice as good as “Room Service”.” and concludes with note that “”Charm School” is a typical middle-of-the-road pop-up to 70 km/h, with no specific destination. Stable, but not adventurous. But then it sounded fun.”

There’s also two Czech reviews, both very possitive. See the links below:

Expressen 2/5
Corren 4/5
UNT.SE (no rating)
Dagens Nyheter 3/5
Göteborgs Posten 2/5
SVD 1/6
Kristianstadsbladet 2/5
Västerbottens-Kuriren 2/5
Kulturbloggen 3/5
Aftonbladet 2/5
Musikindustrin (positive, putting critics into context)

The AU Review 6/10
Rave Magazine 3/5

t-music (no rating)
Rock & Pop 4/5

Plattentests 5/10 3/5
butjer 4.5/5 (no rating)
Focus 8/10 3/5
n-tv (no rating, but very positive) 6/10
monsters & critics (rating: “convincing”)
CD Starts 6/10

Music Bug 9/10

Debaser 3/5 (no rating)

Norwegian 4/6
oslopuls 2/6

El Tiempo (no rating)

If you find any “Charm School” review somewhere on the internet, don’t hesitate to post a link to the discussion under this article!

“Charm School” tracklist according to

According to the latest article on, the new Roxette album “Charm School” tracklist will be:

  1. Way Out
  2. No One Makes It On Her Own
  3. She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
  4. Speak To Me
  5. I’m Glad You Called
  6. Only When I Dream
  7. Dream On
  8. Big Black Cadillac
  9. In My Own Way
  10. After All
  11. Happy On The Outside
  12. Sitting On The Top Of The World

Source: Musicserver article

Update: The tracklist got confirmed by Per Gessle.

Update: According to an article, iTunes version will have 13 songs, so there should be one more bonus song on digital release. Single “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)” should have its radio premiere on January 4.

The making of “Roxette 2011” – the story so far

It all started around 18 months ago. It was almost like a little miracle. First the big comeback news, then a tour with an orchestra, a summer tour and now a world tour starting in a few months. But probably the most interesting thing is the brand new album, the first one since “Room Service” in 2001. Now the waiting is almost over. So here are some highlights from this 18 months long journey of making the (yet unnamed) new “Roxette 2011” album.

2009-05-05 Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson announce on a press conference in Antwerp that Roxette is back for real and will participate on the Night Of The Proms tour this autumn.

2009-05-28 Per says that they plan to go back to the studio this summer and want to release a new song until Christmas.

2009-07-17 Per writes on Twitter that he just recorded the first two new demos at the Aerosol Grey Machine studio in Vallarum.

2009-08-07 Per is back at the Tits’n’Ass studio in Halmstad with Mats MP Persson, working on new demos.

2009-09-23 Per says in an interview that some new demos are finished. Only acoustic versions, no arrangements, no intros, no solos, no backing vocals. The start of recording a brand new album.

2009-10-23 The plan is to continue with recording during Night Of The Proms. A hotel room will be used as a mobile recording studio. Marie is eager to record a whole new album.

2009-10-26 Per says in an interview that an additional room is booked for Antwerp and Rotterdam.

2009-11-15 Per says that he has around 13 songs written and now 2 of them are almost finished. The plan is to continue with recordings in professional studios after the Night Of The Proms tour finishes.

2009-11-28 Roxette have some 14 demos ready for full recording. Marie says that they sound fantastic and when she heard Per’s demos for the first time, she was really enthusiastic. Now it sounds very roxettish, but the plan is to update the sound a little bit.

2009-12-06 Per says that Roxette booked Atlantis studio for recording session in the spring. But recordings will start in January at Christoffer’s Aerosol Grey Machine in Vallarum. Marie will try to sing several vocals to each song to pick up the best one. The new songs sound like a modern version of their “Look Sharp!” so far.

2009-12-10 Antwerp, Rotterdam and now also Munich are places where Roxette are recording for the new album.

2009-12-15 And Bremen.

2009-12-17 And also Hannover.

Read moreThe making of “Roxette 2011” – the story so far