Gyllene Tider rocked at Allsång på Skansen

Gyllene Tider performed today in the premiere show of this year’s Allsång på Skansen. The Fab Five already appeared in this show in 2004, when they played ”Sommartider” and ”En sten vid en sjö i en skog”. For today’s performance they chose the ass-kicking ”Det blir aldrig som man tänkt sej” from the new album as a starter after 2 songs sung by the showman. It sounded incredibly awesome live! First I thought ”why the crowd is sitting still when this song makes you jump and shout???”, but then I was informed the sitting audience is not allowed to stand up. Well, rules are to break them, aren’t they? 😉

After their first song, there was a very short interview with Per and Anders, then they went off the stage and some other artists appeared to perform. At the end of Allsång there came an interesting medley: ”Flickorna på TV2”, ”Juni, juli, augusti” and ”Sommartider”. One of their best medleys ever and oh, yes! Now this made the audience stand up and dance and sing out loud. The medley made me think that the guys might be brave enough not to play any of these latter 3 songs as separate ones during the tour, but in a medley and this way more unexpected songs can get on the setlist, not mentioning more songs from their latest album, Dags att tänka på refrängen.

After the TV show ended at 21:00 CET, there was an extra song from Gyllene Tider on the web broadcast: ”Gå & fiska!”. The crowd was still standing and enjoying the show to the full and Per was throwing away plecs to the crowd while performing. Some more talking with GT after the song and Micke Syd was throwing away his drumsticks to the audience.

Some more details must be mentioned: the guys looked fantastic and they were in top top top shape; Leif on Micke Syd’s drumkit was too cool; Mr. Gessle’s boots with those red skulls were incredibly hot AND the new plecs looked just awesome on the stand!

You can watch the whole show by clicking HERE.

Bring on 5th July! Oh, no! First bring on tomorrow for those who are lucky enough to attend the Leifs Lounge gig!


Screenshots are from the show.





Gyllene Tider at No. 2 this week!

After spending 7 weeks at the top of the Swedish album charts, Gyllene Tider’s Dags att tänka på refrängen is No. 2 this week. You can find Black Sabbath’s new album (13) at No. 1.

GT’s 6th studio album can still be No. 1 next week, just think back that Finn 5 fel! was No. 1 for 6 weeks in a row, then it was No. 2 and became No. 1 again for one week. The already gold, platinum and double platinum DATPR record entered the charts on 3rd May, 2013. Gold status in Sweden is for the achievement of 20000 record sales, platinum is for 40000.

As Per informed us last week:

The Official Swedish album chart is based entirely on physical sales (no Spotify, no iTunes etc.), while the official singles chart is the opposite, based on streaming (since there are hardly any physical sales – only vinyl sometimes). Pls note: iTunes has, for some reason, decided to stay away from both official Swedish charts.


Fingers crossed for DATPR climbing back to No. 1 next week, but wherever the album is landing, it’s still No. 1 for us!






Linnea Henriksson, Gyllene Tider’s support act

Many of us were keeping fingers crossed for Brainpool as GT’s support this summer, but it soon turned out that we will see someone else in this role. The tour is very close now and you might be interested in who’s that girl who will be on stage before Gyllene Tider each night during the tour.

Linnea Henriksson is from Halmstad, born in 1986. She is a Swedish jazz and pop singer and songwriter. She participated in Idol 2010 and finished the talent show at the 4th place. In 2007 she became the singer of a Swedish band called Prylf and together they released an album (Kind of Green) in 2010. Linnea’s debut album (Till mina älskade och älskare) as a solo artist was released in May, 2012.

She was voted to be the Artist of the year in 2012 and won P3 Guld, which is a music prize awarded by Sveriges Radio P3 to Swedish artists in several music categories.




Regarding her relations to Gyllene Tider, Linnea says to

I was singing their songs at each speech day. They are Swedish summer for me. I don’t think I’ve experienced a barbecue, where their music was not there somehow. They have certainly left their mark on Halmstad, so I feel very proud.


As Orup helped Linnea in writing songs on her debut album,’s reporter asked her if it is time to get help from Per Gessle, too:

If one day we would be sitting there any night, both of us with a guitar, I won’t be the one who says no. He’s a great songwriter and it would be fun to work with him.


Linnea says regarding the GT tour:

Even those who have not heard me before and will come only to listen to Gyllene Tider, I’ll really try to fill up with energy.


Here you can watch her videos and listen to 2 of her songs:




See you soon, Linnea!



Gyllene Tider is still going strong at No. 1!

Gyllene Tider’s latest album is still No. 1 for the 7th week in a row! The already gold, platinum and double platinum record, Dags att tänka på refrängen entered the Swedish album charts on 3rd May, 2013.

Gyllene Tider’s previous studio album, Finn 5 fel! was No. 1 for 7 weeks, but ”only” for 6 weeks in a row.

Guys, you are unstoppable! Congrats!





Marie Fredriksson’s website is active again

The last news we could read on in April 2009 was about Marie’s exclusive performance  at the royal gala celebrating the 10th anniversary of the World Childhood Foundation. Since then there was silence. In the meantime, Marie went on an awesome tour with Roxette and was very busy with the gigs and travelling around the world, but now that she was performing at the royal wedding and is working on her new solo album, 2 posts appeared in the News section on her official website (Swedish). Nothing else is new there, but the design and content might change very soon. The website is most probably handled by D&D Management.

It would be great to have a Marie Fredriksson Official Facebook page, too. Let’s see what happens.




Marie Fredriksson in ”Tack för musiken”

It’s nice to hear so many news about Ms Effe being very active nowadays. Today it has been announced that Marie will appear in Niklas Strömstedt’s ”Tack för musiken” (= Thanks for the music) show.

The show provides an exclusive and unique picture of Sweden’s most famous artists. Niklas and his guests are talking about music, memories, anecdotes from the artists’ career and also singing songs during the program that is recorded in Maximteatern, Stockholm. Other famous guests related to the participating artists are also attending the show, so we might see Per in the part with Marie as well.

The third season of this program starts in December on SVT, but recordings with Marie are on 27th August.

If you want to be in the audience, apply for tickets asap by sending an e-mail to Joanna Nilsson (Audience Manager): Provide your name, phone number, e-mail address, number of tickets you need and the name of the artist you want to see. Tickets cost only 70 SEK, payable in cash at the entrance. Who comes first is served first!





Marie Fredriksson’s new solo album

As several online sources informed today, Marie is currently working on a new album – it will be the first Swedish album with original songs since her “I en tid som vår”, 1996. Her “Min bästa vän” record from 2006 was a cover album.

Marie Dimberg says it will be Ms Effe’s first original album in Swedish in 17 years. The recordings of the album are in progress and there are still no release date or title, but it is planned to be released this year. Woohoo! Hopefully a Marie tour is in plan as well for next year. 😉





Two Gyllene Tider live shows before the tour

Today was busy with announcing dates of two live shows of Gyllene Tider before the tour premiere.


1.       Allsång på Skansen

SVT announced all the artists and dates of this year’s Allsång på Skansen. Gyllene Tider is in the premiere show, so the guys perform there on 25th June. SVT will broadcast it live. This is not a complete gig, the whole show is 1-hour-long and four artists / bands are in the 1st show. If you are in Stockholm that day, you can buy your tickets at the entrance of Skansen. There is no separate concert ticket, you just pay the entrance fee (150 SEK) to Skansen. Pre-booking tickets or seats is not possible. Skansen’s main entrance opens at 10 am. Event starts at 19:30 and SVT starts broadcasting it from 20:00. Rehearsals are from 17:00.

Click here for an earlier article of ours with past Allsång performances of Gyllene Tider and Per Gessle.


2.       Hotel Tylösand concert

Per revealed on Gyllene Tider’s Facebook site after midnight that there might be a Hotel Tylösand gig before the tour premiere. Today it was confirmed by Hotel Tylösand, so this nice tradition lives on. The club concert is on 26th June, 1 day after Allsång. Location: Leifs Lounge. It will be an indoor gig and you can also book a table at Leifs Terrace, concert menu including the concert ticket costs 650 SEK / person. The concert ticket itself costs 300 SEK / person. Doors open at 7 pm, concert is at 9 pm. Age limit: 20. The concert menu you can already book, but the concert tickets go on sale at 5 pm CET on 17th June. You can buy them only at the entrance of Leifs Lounge, max. 6 tickets / person. No online sale.

Update from Hotel Tylösand at 8:30 pm, 11th June: concert menu is sold out, no more place at Leifs Terrace.




Anyone attending these shows: have much fun!



Win a meeting with Gyllene Tider! – (Coop members only)

If you are a member at Coop (having a membership card), you can win awesome prizes in their exclusive contest: a meeting with Gyllene Tider, concert tickets AND even an autographed guitar and WeSC headphones, as well as signed vinyl.


1st prize
2 concert tickets for any of the concerts during the tour + an exclusive meeting with the band + 1 signed guitar + 1 set of WeSC headphones

2nd to 4th prize
Concert tickets + signed vinyl record + WeSC headphones

5th to 14th prize
Signed vinyl record

All you have to do to participate is to check your copy of “Dags att tänka på refrängen” album and answer the following 2 questions at Coop’s website:

  1. What color is the rocket in the booklet at the lyrics to “Jag tänker åka på en lång, lång, lång, lång, lång resa”?
  2. What time is it on the clock at “Dags att tänka på refrängen” lyrics?

You also have to give some reasons why you should win (in max. 50 words).

Contest ends on 16th June.


If you are not a Swedish citizen, you have to apply for the Coop MedMera-card at the checkout in a Coop store in Sweden. You can’t buy a membership card online. BUT, I sent an e-mail to Coop and asked if it is possible to take part in this promotion from abroad and unfortunately, it turned out that a membership card is not enough. I got this reply:

Yes, you have the opportunity to participate in the contest from abroad, but to answer the questions you must have a user account on and in connection with the registration of such an account a Swedish personal ID number is required.


So, it’s only for Swedish fans who also have a membership card at Coop. If any of our readers will win the 1st prize, it would be great to see that signed guitar and we hope to hear about the meeting with the guys. Good luck!






Weekly routine: Gyllene Tider is still No. 1!

Gyllene Tider’s latest album is still No. 1 for the 6th week in a row! The already gold, platinum and double platinum record, Dags att tänka på refrängen entered the Swedish album charts on 3rd May, 2013.

Gyllene Tider’s previous (5th) studio album, Finn 5 fel! was No. 1 for 7 weeks (6 weeks in a row, then No. 2, then No. 1 again for 1 week). F5F! is a gold, platinum, double platinum and triple platinum record. Can they beat Finn 5 fel!’s results? There is a good chance!

Congrats again to the guys!




Gyllene Tider’s Parkliv today

SVT1 broadcasted a 55-minute-long Gyllene Tider nostalgia trip at 22:00 CET on 6th June. The documentary – Gyllene Tider’s Parkliv today – was teased as you can watch Parkliv (1981) ”together” with the guys and it indeed felt like watching the old docu together with them. They were sitting in a studio and while they were chatting with each other and with Annika Jankell, Parkliv was on in the background. They were watching it on a screen in the studio and it also appeared in the corner of the TV to make it possible for all viewers watching it at the same time. Unfortunately, the documentary is only available in Sweden. Click here for watching it.




The whole docu is very cosy. Everyone is chatting, drinking water or wine, eating crackers and laughing a lot. The guys are joking with each other about how they looked like back in 1981, how Per was singing, how Micke Syd was playing the drums, etc. They are humming some tunes and playing air guitar and air drums while watching Parkliv. The make-up girl comes in every now and then and is adjusting make-ups (not only Per’s).




The guys are telling anecdotes like the story of Per saying the phone number of Micke Syd’s mother’s hair salon in Parkliv (where there is a long beep), but girls read Per’s lips, so they were calling the saloon all the time and drove Micke Syd’s mother crazy with that.

Looking at the 1981 crowd Micke Syd is inviting you, guys and girls, who can see yourselves in Parkliv to post them a photo on Gyllene Tider’s Facebook site.

Annika is also trying to make a comparison between the girls falling for Gyllene Tider and the ones falling for e.g. One Direction or Justin Bieber. Interesting topic, but c’mon! Where will these latter boys be in 30 years…? 😉




© All screenshots are from the documentary

“Gyllene Tider’s Parkliv today” is broadcasted again at 13:55 CET and 01:05 CET, 9th June on SVT1.


Thanx for the cooperation to Celestte Williams.


Now it’s 100% sure: Gyllene Tider at Allsång på Skansen

In an earlier article of ours we informed you about a rumour that according to Aftonbladet, Gyllene Tider will participate in this year’s Allsång på Skansen. Per kind of confirmed the rumour by sharing the article, but now that Expressen is writing about it and Micke Syd confirmed GT’s appearance in an e-mail to Expressen, we can be 100% sure.

Micke Syd promised some new and some old songs to be played at Skansen. About how it feels to perform at Skansen he writes:

It feels good. It’s a beautiful place with an audience singing amazingly well.


It’s still not clear which Tuesday Gyllene Tider is there, but the complete list of artists will be announced on 11th June, so then we might know more about the date as well.

Read more about Allsång på Skansen HERE.



Rockbjörnen: vote each day until the end of July!

Rockbjörnen is a music prize in Sweden, divided into several categories, which is awarded annually by Aftonbladet. The prize was first awarded in 1979. Since 2010 they are focusing more on live performances.


Rockbjörnen history of Roxette, Marie Fredriksson, Per Gessle and Gyllene Tider:


Swedish band of the year: Gyllene Tider



Swedish female artist of the year: Marie Fredriksson


Swedish female artist of the year: Marie Fredriksson

Swedish album of the year: Marie Fredriksson – Efter stormen


Swedish band of the year: Roxette

Swedish female artist of the year: Marie Fredriksson

Swedish album of the year: Roxette – Look Sharp


Swedish band of the year: Roxette

Swedish female artist of the year: Marie Fredriksson


Swedish band of the year: Roxette

Swedish album of the year: Roxette – Joyride


Swedish band of the year: Roxette



Swedish song of the year: Gyllene Tider – Gå & fiska!


Swedish male artist of the year: Per Gessle

Swedish album of the year: Per Gessle – Mazarin

Swedish song of the year: Per Gessle – Här kommer alla känslorna (på en och samma gång)



Swedish band of the year: Gyllene Tider

Swedish album of the year: Gyllene Tider – Finn 5 fel!



To the question ”Which Rockbjörn is the most fun to get: Band of the year or Album of the year?” – in a chat in January, 2005 – Gyllene Tider replied:

Album of the year, because it is very difficult for an old band like us to make a relevant and popular album, which in addition is good.


Well, Dags att tänka på refrängen would deserve to be the Swedish album of the year, wouldn’t it? It’s a pity there is no ”Swedish album of the year” category anymore, but there is still space for your favourite song from the album. And you know who the Swedish live artists of the year are and which the Swedish live band of the year is, right? Gyllene Tider’s tour has not yet started (only 1 month left!), but you might already have a thought which should be the Concert of the year. So, c’mon guys & girls! Vote HERE until you drop (but at least until 28th July 😉 – each day)!


Here are the categories (it’s in Swedish, but here you have the English translation as well):

Årets kvinnliga liveartist = Female live artist of the year (it can only be Swedish)

Årets manliga liveartist = Male live artist of the year (it can only be Swedish)

Årets livegrupp = Live band of the year (it can only be Swedish)

Årets genombrott = Breakthrough artist of the year (it can only be Swedish)

Årets svenska låt = Swedish song of the year

Årets utländska låt = Foreign song of the year

Årets konsert (artist, plats) = Concert of the year (concerts only in Sweden are accepted)

Årets hårdrock / metal = Hard rock / metal artist of the year (either Swedish or foreign)


After filling it in, click on ”Nästa” (= ”Next”) and fill in your name (first name & surname), e-mail address, age (ålder) and if you are female (kvinna) or male (man). Reply to the control question, leave the tick at the first sentence (this way you won’t have to fill in the form again, as it saves your replies and you just have to click on voting the next time). If you want to receive info and offers from Aftonbladet, leave the second tick in, too. ”Tillbaka” means ”Back”, ”Rösta” means ”Vote”. That’s it. It’s much easier than it looks like. 😉


© All photos are from Aftonbladet’s archive.




Awesome Gyllene Tider site on

An incredibly awesome Gyllene Tider site is now created on under ”Nöje & Kultur” menu. How cool is that! You can find there EVERYTHING about Gyllene Tider. From old articles via the flow of their social media sites to Hallandsposten’s visit in their rehearsal studio last Thursday. There is only one single problem: you can get access to anything only if you are a subscriber. Without a subscription you can check the main menu of GT’s site, which looks just fantastic. It’s a great idea from Hallandsposten. Now their number of subscribers will most probably increase like hell. 😉