Coldplay single “Paradise” inspired by “Wish I Could Fly”?

Belgian newspaper “Het Nieuwsblad” reports about a striking similarity between the backing tracks (not the vocal melody) of Coldplay’s new single “Paradise” and Roxette’s hit “Wish I Could Fly” from 1999. Coldplay have been in the focus of plagiarism claims before with previous singles, so the author asks if Chris Martin & Co. have asked Marie & Per in advance for this kind of “inspiration”. Judge for yourself:


German Roxette tribute band at the opening of the female FIFA World Cup 2011

German Roxette tribute band called THE LOOK! – A Tribute To ROXETTE was one of the opening acts for the first football match of the female FIFA World Cup 2011between the female teams from USA and Sweden in Wolfsburg, Germany on July 6. They performed 2-hour concert with songs like “Wish I could fly” and the latest Roxette hit single “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)”.


Thanks to Ivan Kelava