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“Gessle over Europe” in Norway and Denmark

Both EMI Music Norway and EMI Music Denmark confirmed on theirs websites that the release date for “Gessle over Europe” in these countries will be the 26th of October, 2009.

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The very first shop which dispatch products outside of Scandinavia added “Gessle over Europe” to its list. put strangely the import mark on the lastest release from Per Gessle. If you live in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Iceland, Mexico, New Zeland, Switzarland, USA or in few of selected UE countries, you can order this CD/DVD set just for €14.49 / SEK149. It seems like the release date was moved to October 26th.

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P4 broadcasting time

Per Gessle’s concert at Cirkus in Stockolm from May will be broadcasted on “P4 Live” on October 24th, Saturday at 20.03 (+02:00 GMT).

Thanks to Mary @ TDR.

Source: P4

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The Daily Roxette interviews Per Gessle

Don’t miss this great interview! You’ll find it here.  Per talks about NOTP, Roxette’s future and dreams, and much more. You might even find answers to your questions.

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Gessle Over Europe sleeve

Gessle Over Europe sleeve lists “Gessle over Europe” and the forthcoming CD/DVD set costs just 159 SEK! It more or less 15 euros and the release dat is Monday, October 26. Unfortunately, this shop doesn’t deliver to any country outside Sweden.

Thanks to mjzm @ RoxForum.

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P4 broadcast tracklist

P4 will broadcast Per Gessle’s concert from Cirkus on October 24. It is still uknown from which day it will come.

1. Dressed For Success
2. The Party Pleaser
3. Wish I Could Fly
4. Stupid
5. I Have a Party In My Head (I Hope It Never Ends)
6. Listen To Your Heart
7. Do You Wanna Be My Baby?
8. Opportunity Nox
9. Doesn’t Make Sense
10. Joyride
11. The Look
12. Hey Mr DJ (Won’t You Play Another Love Song)
13. (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone

Source: TDR

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“Gessle over Europe” trailer!

The Cutting Room, the leading Nordic sound production company with over more than 25 years in the industry, has just finished Per Gessle’s latest DVD “Gessle Over Europe – Party Crasher On Tour”. The show was taped by Arena Grande in Cirkus, Stockholm on May 9, 2009. On the same site you can watch 3:05 minutes long trailer (fans from Brazil and Argentina spotted as well as “Dressed for success” is possible to watch) of “Gessle over Europe” DVD.


Thanks to Txiqui @ R2R.

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Gessle in Amsterdam, May 2006.

This pictures were taken in Amsterdam in May 2006. Does anyone get a clue what he was doing there back then?

Thanks to crashroxer @ R2R.

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Per gets new guitar picks for NOTP

“Goofin’ at the proms” – you can see a picture of the colourful picks on www.

Cirkus concert on P4

Swedish radio P4 will broadcast Per Gessle’s Cirkus gig on October 24. It is still unknown from which day it will come, but as for now we were informed it would not be the whole concert. Before the broadcasting, the interview will be aired. It is connected with a release date of “Gessle over Europe” which is set to be out in Sweden on October 21.

Source:, TDR

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“Gessle over Europe” on October 21?

According to user ‘the rain’ on TDR board, Gessle over Europe will be released in Sweden on October 21. There is no source of this information and it is not confirmed by the Man.

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Q&A night on Twitter.

The yesterday’s night Per Gessle answered for many questions which he didn’t really do in the last few weeks. And for your information, there are a lot of interesting and mysterious answers:

Q from memami04: Will there be meet&greets like you did at the Party Crasher Tour?
A: Hope we can make a few. No promises, though.

Q from madonnajanetj:Can’t wait for NOTP in Antwerp. Will get a full, proper Rox Tour in 2010??:-)
A: Hmmm, I’d buy a ticket….

Q from frulampa: Is there a live CD or live DVD from “Room-Service”-Tour 2001???
A: Well, yes…. it’s lying around somewhere unreleased… something for another box maybe….

Q from rosa_73: What did you do in Italy? Did you buy new Ferrari?
A: Just had to check out that 458 Italia….
[Ferrari 458 Italia]

Q from memami04: Did you feel comfortable by doing Demos at Tits&ass again. Or do you like doing songs without Demos anymore?
A: Since I’m writing a bit for Marie there has to be some kind of demo around. I love doing simple ones at T&A.

Q from shneedelwoods: Writing songs & making demos? Solo stuff or brilliant new rox material? any plans yet?
A: I’m writing for Roxette, myself and GT. You never know what’s gonna happen, do you? Better be prepared….

Q from memami04:gessle over europe is coming! But when? Can’t wait to Watch the Show again. Do you Love the idea of a GT Tour again?
A: GT Tour? Hell, yes!

Q from RoxAnna1978: how do you feel abot the songs (demos) you have recorded now-do they sound good?
A: Do they sound good? Are you joking?

Q from elcondetin: What’s your mood nowadays in the demo writing/recording world.. uptempo slow -mid? How feels writing for Marie again? natural?
A: Nothing’s changed. I write anything. Anything to please me. Been writing some duets though (for a change).

Source: Twitter

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“Gessle over Europe” gets closer.

FSK ab 12.From Per’s Twitter:

Finally! Got the german approval re the videoclips. They gave me a 12-year old approval stamp! Hahahaha, so much for being a tough guy!

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Per on F1 race.

For these who wondered – yes, it was Per who celebrated Ferrari win. He confirmed it yesterday on Twitter:

Yepp, that’s me with that silly smile getting champagne sprayed by Kimi…

Does anyone have recording of this F1 race?

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Is it Per who celebrates Ferrari win?

Per Gessle?

Source: notpergessle2

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