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Poland releases “Gessle over Europe” on October 26.

According to two webshops, EMI will release “Gessle over Europe” in Poland on October 26. The album costs 74,95 PLN at and 84,99 PLN at

If you know something about “Gessle over Europe” release in your country, let us know!

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Official trailer for “Gessle Over Europe” published new official video trailer for new CD/DVD “Gessle Over Europe”. You can watch it on or clicking this direct link:

The DVD will have English and German subtitles and 100 copies signed by Per Gessle will be available at Hotel Tylösand in Halmstad, the Man informed on his Twitter account.

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A place to visit: “On the beat” shop.

otbHave you ever thought about visiting the London shop in which Per Gessle and Anton Corbijn were in 2005 to take some photographs for the Man’s second solo album in English called “Son Of A Plumber”? If yes, remember “On the beat” name. Danyela Etchart was there in May 2009 while European “Party crasher tour” and wanted to share with us her story enriched with a clip and pics from that place.

Watch the clip
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Tags: , , , , added “Gessle over Europe” added “Gessle over Europe” to its list of all releases with October 23rd as the premiere day. The album costs 12,99EUR and it is going to be an import item.

Suprisingly, “Gessle over Europe” is no 373 in album charts at the moment. After a while GOE went up till #357 and on October 7 till #213, #167. Oops, RB promotion seems to help 😉

UPDATE: Excerpts of every song from “Gessle over Europe” to be found in MP3 section on and on

UPDATE on October 7: “Gessle over Europe” is currently no 4 on “The biggest winners in the music sales in the last 24 hours” on with 357% growth.

UPDATE on October 10: “Gessle over Europe” LP was added on, costs 24,48 euro and the release date is October 28.

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Germany, Austria and Switzerland release “Gessle over Europe” on November 6.

According to EMI Germany, EMI Austria and EMI Switzerland, Per Gessle’s latest live album “Gessle over Europe” will be released on November 6 in these territories.

Visit this websites to get to know where you can order the album.

As for now this is the official list of all the countries where “Gessle over Europe” will be released:

Sweden – October 23
Denmark – October 26
Norway – October 26
United Kingdom – October 26 [MP3]
Germany – November 6
Austria – November 6
Switzerland – November 6

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Special offer on

Swedish webshop, which delivers to every country in the world and cooperates with / / as the official shop, has prepared a special offer regarding “Gessle over Europe” premiere. The album costs 159SEK and the postage is relatively low – 29 SEK for Sweden, 45 SEK for European Union and just 55 SEK for the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, you can order only GOE and the freight is per unit.


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LP to be released on October 28

“Gessle over Europe” LP will be released 5 days later that the CD/DVD version, informs. The double vinyl album will include three more tracks than CD and costs 239 SEK, 23,90 € or 33,94 $ on

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Gessle Over Europe sleeve

Gessle Over Europe sleeve

Swedish webshop, which delivers to every country in the world and cooperates with / / as the official shop, added “Gessle over Europe” to its list. It costs 159SEK / €15,90 / $22,58. Strangely, the release date is Friday, October 23rd.

UPDATE: Per G. confirmed that the new release date is, indeed, October 23!


Thanks to Ivanych @ R2R.

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Download your own “Gessle Over Europe” poster

Head to to download your “Gessle Over Europe” poster  (high quality PDF format). Thanks to Per 🙂

cdUniverse lists “Gessle over Europe”

American webshop lists “Gessle over Europe” as an import item with just one CD for $23.65 with the release day on November 3rd, but not on EMI but on Phantom label. Phantom is very probable just a distributor for American market.


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“Gessle over Europe” in Norway and Denmark

Both EMI Music Norway and EMI Music Denmark confirmed on theirs websites that the release date for “Gessle over Europe” in these countries will be the 26th of October, 2009.

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The very first shop which dispatch products outside of Scandinavia added “Gessle over Europe” to its list. put strangely the import mark on the lastest release from Per Gessle. If you live in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Iceland, Mexico, New Zeland, Switzarland, USA or in few of selected UE countries, you can order this CD/DVD set just for €14.49 / SEK149. It seems like the release date was moved to October 26th.

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P4 broadcasting time

Per Gessle’s concert at Cirkus in Stockolm from May will be broadcasted on “P4 Live” on October 24th, Saturday at 20.03 (+02:00 GMT).

Thanks to Mary @ TDR.

Source: P4

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The Daily Roxette interviews Per Gessle

Don’t miss this great interview! You’ll find it here.  Per talks about NOTP, Roxette’s future and dreams, and much more. You might even find answers to your questions.

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Gessle Over Europe sleeve

Gessle Over Europe sleeve lists “Gessle over Europe” and the forthcoming CD/DVD set costs just 159 SEK! It more or less 15 euros and the release dat is Monday, October 26. Unfortunately, this shop doesn’t deliver to any country outside Sweden.

Thanks to mjzm @ RoxForum.

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