“It must have been love” & “The Look” live from Stockholm

Roxette in Stockholm, May 10th 2009Here is today’s Per Gessle’s interview from Sirius’ The Pulse chanell for downloading. There are even hidden two little gems – “The look” and “It must have been love” live from Stockholm on May 10th.

Thanks to shirley @ R2R.

Radio special on Marie Fredriksson – part II

The second part of Swedish radio special about Marie Fredriksson which was broadcast yesterday night (31.05) is available for download. You can choose between Windows Media Audio stream (mms://lyssna-wm.sr.se/autorec/p4/riks_p4_musik/srp4riks_2009-05-31_230459_3302_w96.wma) or Real Media one (rtsp://lyssna-rm.sr.se/autorec/p4/riks_p4_musik/SRP4RIKS_2009-05-31_230459_3302_r3.rm). It’s recommended to use a download manager like flashget.

If you wish just to listen to it, so click here.

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Party Crasher Tour tickets

Do you still live on memories? Do you still have flashbacks from the Man’s latest tour? Yep, me too! That’s why I would like to present Party Crasher Tour’s tickets’ collection from each and every gig. I say thanks to all of you who helped me to collect all these tix. If you’ve got any ticket which looks different, then drop a line.

Helsinki – Mari Pudas / Ivanych @ R2R
Oslo – Jan Hedman / Daniel Bernhard
Copenhagen – Bo Hansen / Anja Jensen
Warsaw – Mikolaj Prymka
Prague – Almost Unreal @ R2R
Hamburg – Christina Röhrs
Munich – linki @ R2R
Cologne – Christina Röhrs
Zurich – Ms. Fredriksson @ R2R
Gent – otus! / Txiqui @ R2R / Andreea Totoescu
London – xarrrr @ R2R
Amsterdam – sarah @ R2R
Stockholm – tomos85 / Andreas Kullbjer / Sudek

Roxette Reunion Special

SIRIUS XM Radio announced today that it will broadcast a Roxette reunion special, including an exclusive airing of the Swedish pop group’s Per Gessle’s recent performance in London, on its Spectrum channel, SIRIUS channel 18 and XM channel 45, on Sunday, May 31 at 8:00 PM ET (02:00 Swedish time).

The Spectrum channel’s Nordic Rox show, SIRIUS XM’s exclusive Scandinavian music show, will broadcast two songs the duo recently performed together in Stockholm on May 10, 2009. Nordic Rox, which Gessle hosts regularly, airs weekly on Sunday nights at 8:00 pm ET on SIRIUS XM’s The Spectrum.

Additionally, every day between Monday, June 1 and Thursday, June 4, SIRIUS XM’s The Pulse channel, SIRIUS channel 12 and XM channel 26, will broadcast a Roxette special, including a conversation with Per Gessle discussing the group’s reunion and their recent live performances.

SIRIUS XM’s ’90s on 9 channel, SIRIUS and XM channel 9, will also celebrate Roxette’s reunion by devoting the weekend of May 29 to the iconic group. Every day from Friday, May 29 through Sunday, May 31 listeners will hear Gessle personally introduce and share stories about Roxette’s biggest hits including “It Must Have Been Love” and “The Look.”

Source: PR News Wire

Thanks to Tevensso.


(Updated) Summary:

1. Nordic Rox @ The Spectrum channel [SIRIUS channel 18 | XM channel 45]

Sunday 31.05.2009 – 8:00-11:00 pm ET
Wednesday 03.06.2009 – 11:00 pm – 2:00 am ET

2. Interview with Per @ The Pulse channel [SIRIUS channel 12 | XM channel 26]

Monday 01.06.2009 – 7:00-8:00 am ET; 10:00-11:00 am ET; 5:00-6:00 pm ET
Tuesday 02.06.2009 – 9:00-10:00 am ET

London time: + 5 hours
Sweden time: + 6 hours

Thanks to sweepi.

Party pleaser’s before concert’s playlists.

Here’s Per’s pre-show (and post-show as well) mixed tape playlists, as you can see there were different playlists during the tour.

Crowd Pleasers “Party Crasher Tour” BEFORE #1!

1. Miss you – Adiam Dymott
2. The wind cries Mary – Jimi Hendrix Experience
3. Jessie’s girl – Rick Springfield
4. Tony the Beat (remix) – The Sounds
5. Son of Sam – Elliott Smith
6. Garden party – Rick Nelson
7. Bernadette – Four Tops
8. Mary Jane’s last dance – Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
9. Somebody told me – Killers
10. Dance, Dance, Dance – Lykke Li
11. Steady, as she goes – Raconteurs
12. Rock’n’roll highschool – Teddybears Sthlm
13. All the way to Rino – R.E.M.
14. Jolene – White Stripes
15. Sunglasses at night – Corey Hart
16. What becomes of the broken-hearted – Dave Stewart & Colin Blunstone
17. A girl like you – Edwyn Collins
18. The Safety dance – Men without hats
19. Tainted love – Soft Cell
20. 867-5309/Jenny – Tommy Tutone

Crowd Pleasers “Party Crasher Tour” MIDDLE!!!

1. Mary Anne with the shaky hand – The Who
2. Rock’n’roll girl – Paul Collins’ Beat
3. Tell that girl to shut up – Holly & the Italians
4. Denis – Blondie
5. Mama said – Nick Lowe [Anyone?]
6. Harley Davidson – Brigitte Bardot
7. Country girl – Brinsley Schwarz
8. December 1963 (Oh what a night!) – Frankie Valli & Four Seasons
9. Rock your baby – George McCrae
10. Cars – Gary Numan
11. You don’t love me – Gary Walker [Anyone?]
12. We’re an American band – Grand Funk Railroad
13. The break-up song – Greg Kihn
14. Shake it – Metro Station
15. Sympathy – Rare Bird
16. Dear Eloise – Hollies
17. Wake up and make love to me – Ian Dury & the Blockheads
18. What is love? – Howard Jones
19. Swing your daddy – Jim Gilstrap

Crowd Pleasers “Party Crasher Tour” BEFORE #2!

1. Rock & roll queen – The Subways
2. Sexy boy – Air
3. Carry on wayward son – Kansas
4. A sad boy – Mascots
5. Dancing in the street – David Bowie & Mick Jagger
6. Yeh yeh – Georgie Fame
7. Tonight, tonight – Smashing Pumpkins
8. Goin’ back – Byrds
9. The letter – Box Tops
10. I was made for lovin’ you – Kiss
11. I love rock’n’roll – Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
12. Solitary man – Johnny Cash
13. Sister Surround – Soundtrack of our Lives
14. Go all the way – Raspberries
15. I’ll be your baby tonight – Robert Palmer
16. Lover of the bayou – Mudcrutch [Doesn’t it sound as the new “The Look” intro?]
17. Captain of your ship – Reparata & the Delrons
18. Take your mama – Scissor Sisters
19. Day tripper – Nancy Sinatra
20. Go down fighting – Nazareth [Anyone?]

Crowd Pleasers “Party Crasher Tour” AFTER!!!

1. Prelude & The Sound of Music – Julie Andrews
2. Dance hall days – Wang Chung
3. Lily of the West – Steve Forbert [Anyone?]
4. Never my love – Astrud Gilberto [Anyone?]
5. Poor side of town – Johnny Rivers
6. Tous les garcons et les filles – Francoise Hardy
7. Glad to see you go – Ramones
8. I can’t let Maggie go – Honeybus
9. Postcard from a dark star – Merz
10. Pretty dress – Rosie Thomas
11. Spiderweb suit – Sandy Mouche
12. Square One – Tom Petty
13. So alive – Love and Rockets
14. Lay your hands on me – Thompson Twins
15. Lyckliga gatan – Nisse Hellberg
16. Summer wine – Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood
17. Here comes the nice – Small Faces
18. Mickey – Toni Basil
19. Making plans for Nigel – XTC

Source: Gessle.com & YouTube

Media report about Roxette’s comeback – part II

Here are more links to articles about Roxette’s comeback:

Thanks Chrissie:


Collected from Roxetteforum.com





Big interview with Per, 2 new Roxette tracks

There’s a big interview with Per on www.gessle.com, mainly about the Party Crasher tour experiences. The band members promised each other to let this tour literary “never end”. Per will fly to NYC to get an US release for the album.

Today I asked Per on twitter if Roxette aim for a whole album or just some tracks. He responded “2 tracks. that’s it for now.” Not exactly the answer I dreamed of! But we’ll see how it continues. Wonder how these songs will be released…

Update: The interview was moved to The Daily Roxette.

Party Crasher-DVD at the end of summer

According to Per Gessle, the Party Crasher-tour DVD will be released at the end of summer all over Europe and contain about 100 home videos. Per also tells that several live tapes from European shows exist and they (Christoffer and Per) are listening to them these days. Furthermore the audio recordings are supposed to come as a live CD in a package with the DVD.

Amsterdam bootleg

pg2009-05-06_front A Dutch fan, Joost, recorded Per Gessle’s Amsterdam gig from the 6th of May with Marie Fredriksson as a special guest and prepared a wonderful cover for this bootleg. The Brazilian Roxette site published an mp3 compressed rip of the recording which you can download following the link below:

CONCERT (password: www.roxettebrasil.net)

Or you can contact Joost for the original non-compressed audio files at www.dutchtaper.com. You can download the cover made by Joost here as well.

Together we crashed the party!

Two days have passed and still the feeling of the Party Crasher tour is there. None of all Rox and related tours I have joined can compare with this one. It was special for several reasons. It was special because it was a club tour. I guess none of the concerts outside Sweden was sold out and that made it even more special. It felt like that really those people and fans who really cared joined and crashed the party. Fans who waited for this possibility for years and who didn’t care if it was sold out or not. I always dreamed of seeing Roxette live in a club. Now at least half of the dream came true. And it feels like even Per and the band enjoyed this little tour that left us so delighted and longing for more. As Per wrote on Twitter it finally makes sense. It’s about the music, getting people together who share a passion, having fun together from the first to the last minute.

This tour was special because people finally got over some resentments. Differences between the fans of all the different countries didn’t matter in most of the cases. Ok, here and there reports of pushy Germans or pushy Spaniards popped up but nearly everywhere people finally talked to each other, with each other and even shared an evening together in Stockholm after the first gig at the Cirkus. Finally we can have fun together, just as it needs to be. Small venues, all the die-hard fans – yeah, we finally see what really matters. I hope we can preserve this feeling until NOTP. It was so nice to get to know other fans from other countries and it’s so important to talk TO each other not just ABOUT each other. Keep that, guys!

Read moreTogether we crashed the party!

Press writing about the Amsterdam surprise

Especially Swedish press published some nice articles about last night’s big surprise in Amsterdam. Some excerpts:

Per about Marie’s reaction afterwards: “She was completely overwhelmed by the response we got. The audience had a big smile on their faces and the whole room had goosebumps”.
There’s also rumours about another performance by Marie in Stockholm, but it’s not decided yet. Join here, if you want to get Marie to conquer the stage in Stockholm!

Furthermore, as we learned before, Marie and Per are going to record new songs in autumn (take your time guys, we want GOOD songs, please no more OW if possible) but it’s not sure how and when they are going to be released.


Roxette’s stage comeback on video!

What could make this fantastic day perfect? A rox-historical moment on video! Roxette back on stage together!!! 😀

First (blurry) videos from Expressen:
The Look | It Must Have Been Love

Much better quality from Youtube:
It Must Have Been Love | The Look | The Look (HQ)

More videos:

Per and Marie after the show – Gessle.com

Per and the band and Marie after the show – Gessle.com


Photos 1

Judith says: I tell you, you will cry!!!
Sascha says: Really hard not to look like crazy at work these days! 😛

Per and Magnus tell about NOTP impressions and Marie on stage

Per at twitter:
“Busy day today in Amsterdam. Dutch media, photosessions, Swedish media. Soundcheck with Marie F in 30 min. Voila!”
“Great press reception in Antwerp yesterday re NOTP. The world seems ready!!!”

The latest from Magnus:
“Soundcheck with Marie was super!”
“In Amsterdam. Tonight will be special.”

Source: http://twitter.com/PartyPleaser | http://twitter.com/mistermagnus