Roxette to play in Finland in August

After two successful concerts in Finland last November, it is very probable it will be also Roxette’s second to last stop on the European soil. According to article, Roxette was set to perform in Vasa on the 15th of August, but it would be confirmed by the 10th of February as there was some “misunderstanding” issues between concert’s organizers and Roxette management.

Anyway, August seems to be busy with late summer festivals for Roxette team with already confirmed gigs on Faroe Island and Norway.

UPDATE (Feb 10th): Today, the concert in Vasa has been officially confirmed by


Roxette XXX-Tour: another date in Norway!

rxno2Roxette will play at the 20th edition of the Elvefestival in Drammen, Norway, on August 22nd, 2015.

Tickets for the festival, which takes place between August 21st and August 23rd, can be bought at starting on Friday, Feb 6th. The ticket for Saturday, the day Roxette will perform, costs 585 NOK and the festival pass for two days 715 NOK. Roxette is the only known artist so far, further artists will be announced soon(ish).

Drammen is just about 45 minutes from Oslo, and it’s on a Saturday, so not many excuses not to go there, huh?



Sneak peek of Roxette’s XXX stage design

What Per already said about the new stage design is that it was built in London, Patrick Woodroffe and Stufish designed it, it’s very expensive, it’s 8 tons of equipment (excl. band members) and it looks as stunning as Pelle’s beard, so we’re gonna love it.

Patrick Woodroffe (who appears at the end of the apple pie party video) has lit several artists over the last 40 years, e.g. ABBA, AC/DC, Bob Dylan, Lady Gaga, Depeche Mode, The Rolling Stones, etc.

Stufish created stage design for The Rolling Stones, U2, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Elton John and Simply Red among others.

This evening, Soundforce Scandinavian AB, the company that helps the band with sound and video technology shared a photo from the rehearsals. There is still much left to speculate until we see the stage set in action on 7th Ferbuary in Auckland, New Zealand where it has its premiere. Since there don’t seem to be too many physical elements (or maybe we just can’t see them all on the pic), the stunning factor will surely be the digital and lighting parts of it, so all the techniques they use to make the background move & shine. Exxxciting!

And of course, another stunning factor will be the band itself. Hard to wait to see them live again very soon! 2 weeks left until the XXX tour goes on!


Photo by Soundforce Scandinavian AB
Photo by Soundforce Scandinavian AB
























Update on 25th Jan: Soundforce was probably asked to remove the photo from their Facebook page. They were a bit too early posting it it seems.

Update on 24th Feb: Woodroffe Bassett Design shared some photos from the rehearsals. HERE you can check them out.

Would it be fun to have Roxette concerts on USB stix?

We already informed you about Roxette’s one and only Norway concert in 2015 being sold out. When I was checking the organizer’s Facebook site, I saw an interesting thing. Roxette’s concert is on 13th June in Trondheim and Mark Knopfler plays there one day before them. This fact is not quite interesting, but I realized Mark Knopfler records all his shows and gives the fans the opportunity to purchase high-quality, live soundboard recordings of every show on a guitar-shaped USB stick or as mp3 / FLAC download. Digging deeper in this topic, many more artists are providing such a treat.

This USB stick doesn't exist. It's just an illustration.
This USB stick doesn’t exist. It’s just an illustration.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have the professional sound recordings of the concert(s) you attend during the XXX tour? Since Roxette play 100% live, each concert is very much different to the others, even if the setlist doesn’t change much or not at all from one concert to another. On one hand, all concerts are most probably recorded anyway, so it would be just a nice extra to copy them on some sticks and provide Roxers with the possibility to buy them. On the other hand, Chris wouldn’t have the chance to mix all concerts one by one since it would be simply too much and maybe the PERfectionists they are, it wouldn’t feel comfortable for them to release such sticks.

Either way, let’s play with the thought it’s possible. Let us know about your opinion!


What do you think?


The tour goes on in 18 days! Either we get live recordings or not, we are looking very much forward to all 2015 shows and more!


Roxette’s one and only concert in Norway is sold out

Roxette_TrondheimAs we already informed you about it in an earlier post of ours, tickets for the one and only Roxette concert in Norway in 2015 were selling like hot cakes. Tickets went on sale on 14th November and the next day we could read it in Norwegian newspapers that half of the total amount of tickets had been sold only in a few hours.

Today at 13:30 it was announced that only 237 tickets were left, then some hours later the operators of the Facebook page of Trondheim Concerts posted (also at the event’s Facebook page) that the Roxette concert is officially sold out. 10,000 people will see Roxette at Sverresborg Arena on 13th June! Woohoo! Congrats!

Those of you who wanted to see Roxette in Norway, but haven’t bought your tickets yet, now you may want to plan another option. HERE you can check the complete list of already announced dates.


2014 – two tours, a box, two books … and lots of good memories

I started to think about this article on the plane back home from two incredible concerts in Finland. It was still a month to go to finish the year but my guess was that the “Rox year” would be over at that point of time, meaning not many more events left. And December is a month of reflection for me anyway and many things happened in 2014, so let’s better start on time and enjoying going through the happenings of the year.

This time I chose to write the summary month by month.

PLECtionary_600x407January was the month of the plectrums. Or was it the year of the plectrums? You’ll see plecs have showed up a few times this year. The PLECtionary, done with the help of Sandra Knospe, opened its doors on January 12th, on Per’s birthday, and what a better way to open it than with an interview with him? Who would have known back then that we would end the year with more plecs (go on reading…)… Also Roxette’s official Facebook page reached 1 million likes and Roxette fans did a digital flash mob to celebrate and congratulate Roxette.

Marie started her long-awaited solo tour on February 19th in Helsingborg, which went on for two months until April 19th. Marie gave a total of 19 concerts all over Sweden. Many people had the chance to meet Marie during this tour, either in meet & greets organised via contests or directly with the management or after the shows or hotels. We have reviews for all of them, for which we also got many “thank yous” from the band and Marie herself. This tour left a big impact on me and many other fans, many things happened during these two months and probably shaped me a little bit more, like all important events in one’s life. Some things were good, some bad, but what I will always keep in my heart and mind are Marie’s looks to the audience, her smiles, her strength and the willpower never to give up. And the fact that fans, supporters, can be ONE when we want to. Those paper hearts will be a symbol for ever. And who doesn’t feel like standing up when “Mellan sommar och höst” starts to sound? Here we collected messages from fans to thank Marie and the band for the tour. IMG_01762

March and April were mostly all about Marie’s tour. We interviewed Marie and Jokke Pettersson, who played guitar on Marie’s tour. Kirsten had met Jonas Isacsson in 2013 and wrote a very nice article about him. April also saw the releases of a special limited edition of “The Look” 7″ vinyl to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the single reaching #1 in USA and “The Per Gessle Archives” 7″, both released for the Record Store Day in Sweden. Thanks to Roxette’s management we were able to give away a copy of each of these special releases. Also in April we got to know that Per would release the box “The Per Gessle Archives” containing tons of demos later in September and that the volumes would be gradually digitally released before reaching the release date. And when we thought we could start saving a bit again… the next Roxette world tour was announced! And almost without noticing that so many years have passed by… Roxette Blog turned 5.

In May, Per revealed that, in addition to the box, two books would be released in Autumn: “Songs, Sketches and Reflections” containing his English texts and “Texter, klotter och funderingar” with the Swedish ones. “You Don’t Want Love”, a single by Finnish DJ Heikki L. featuring Per was released this month. We also started a poll to find out which songs Roxette fans would love to hear live during the upcoming tour. The poll ran until September and the results were published October. Our interview with Christoffer Lundquist, done during Marie’s tour, was published.

The first two volumes of Per’s box “Demos & Other Fun Stuff” were digitally released June and we could get an idea of the treasures this box would contain. The video (directed by Jens Jansson) for Per’s cover version of “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” finally saw its light. Roxette’s official Facebook page reached 1,5 million likes. Per collaborated with another DJ, Kill FM from Sweden, and wrote the lyrics and composed the melody (topline songwriting it is called, as Per explained) to “Don’t Go Dark“, which is sung by Helena Josefsson. The PLECtionary was updated with some more plecs and we gave away one 2010 Roxette plec, a GT plec and a PG plec. And last but not least, Per finally got his LaFerrari!

On July 23rd Gyllene Tider‘s live DVD was released, just one year after the amazing tour in Sweden. The DVD entered at number 1 on Swedish DVD charts and remained there for three weeks in August. Towards the end of August Per was busy signing thousands of pre-ordered boxes.

TPGA_box_final_designIn September we could finally hold the box and the books in our hands. And even get them signed by Per at the Göteborg book fair; many fans travelled to Göteborg to be able to hear Per speak about songwriting and get the box and the books signed. We also got two books signed by Per for a contest. A non-alcoholic wine (white and rosé – this one only available at Per’s hotel) was added to the The Per Gessle Selection; its initial name was Klunk, but had to be changed due to copyright issues to Fru Nordin (a better name if you ask me!). The website The Per Gessle Archives was launched just on time for the release and volumes 3 and 4 of “Demos & Other Fun Stuff” were also digitally released early this month.

Dea Norberg, who is doing backing vocals for Roxette on tour since 2012, released the EP “Storm” on October 1st and we took the chance to interview her in Stockholm. We also interviewed Per about the books and the box and published the poll results. The top 3 of the poll were: “A Thing About You”, “Almost Unreal”, and “(Do You Get) Excited”. None of these (nor the top 10) could be heard during the first leg of the 30th Anniversary tour, which started in Vladivostok on the 28th but some new tracks were added to the set list: “Real Sugar”, “The Heart Shaped Sea” and “Queen Of Rain”. And we are always happy with new songs! Per and Mats MP Persson attended the BMI London Awards to receive Million-Air Awards for “Listen To Your Heart” and “It Must Have Been Love” for being played more than 5 million times each. That makes quite a lot of years of the songs being played non-stop!

In November Roxette visited Estonia, Lithuania and finished the tour in Finland. Early this month the European Tour 2015 with 28 dates was announced, so no time to get bored! The ticket sales were a bit more stressful than others, but all in all one can say that most people got what they wanted.roxette

In December, three more shows in Europe and one at the Sydney Opera House were added to the tour. The Per Gessle Selection champagnes were released as well as Kurt & Lisa 2011. And last but not least, the 2014 plectrums were added to the PLECtionary thanks to Per (and Sandra), who sent a bunch of plecs to Sandra and we also got the chance to give away 10 of them (remember you can still participate until January 2nd, 2015!).

While writing such an article you get the feeling that it’s “only” 12 months, but when you go through all the events you realise that everything is possible in this deja-vu and that 12 months is a long period of time. Once again, another year full of events and surprises and great memories one can only be thankful for.

What will 2015 will bring? Here are some open questions! Will we finally find out more about Per’s collaboration with David Guetta? How will the setlist and stage for Roxette’s 2015 concerts look like? How will the song Marie wrote for a film be like? And how will Roxette’s new material be? in which format (EP, album, …)? Will more dates be added to the existing Australia and Europe tour legs? And when will the dates for 2016 be announced? And what about new plecs?

Thank you for reading us one more year! And to the RoxBlog Team: it’s a pleasure working with you! Thank you for your work.

Cheers to a great 2015!

Update 3-1-2015: Article updated with the BMI awards piece of news after Per noted I had forgotten it 😉

PLECtionary update & CONTEST!

When we first got to see the 2014 editions of Per’s guitar picks on the producer’s Instagram account (pic 1, pic 2), we got very excited. They all look so hot ’n’ cool! Then the tour started and besides being extremely happy about seeing our most beloved band live again, we expected to see the new picks live, too. During the Russian leg of the tour fans were posting pictures of plectrums they could catch at the concerts and we could see that besides some new ones, most of the picks they could obtain were from 2012. We could think the amount produced of the new plecs was so few vs. Per’s pick-throwing habits that he ran out of those 2014 picks very fast. But it wasn’t the case.

You probably remember Per’s post on Roxette’s Facebook page some days ago. He shared the PLECtionary again, with this text:

A nice collection. But where are the pix from 2014????? /P.

Haha… Yeah… We’d been also wondering, because we saw a lot of 2014 picks appearing e.g. on Tradera, already before the tour started and we were quite sad about the fact that they ended up in traders’ hands, while we couldn’t see too many of them on Per’s mic stand on tour and he played even less of them.

The producer shared the info after we asked them and they saw the PLECtionary that the picks are quite exclusive, not too many of them were produced. That was also confirmed by Mr G and Micke N-S. 100 pieces were made of each 2014 picks, except for the Rox-Jet plec, of which 400 exist. Per already mentioned it in the guitar pick interview that they should slow down a bit and produce less picks for a tour. Now it seems they sticked to that idea of keeping the picks more exclusive.

There was another thing Per mentioned in the plectrum interview and this is how the actual update of the PLECtionary is possible. When talking about Sandra’s collection, he said:

She deserves the best. The best and the complete. I consider it a mission to help her find Plectrum-Nirvana.

Photo by Sandra Knospe

And how awesome the way is how he is helping her! He sent the missing 2014 guitar picks to Sandra in a mail not much after he posted about the PLECtionary. Wow! I mean W.O.W.!

Santa Per or Gessle Claus, call him as you wish, he is the most fantastic and most fan-friendly artist in the whole wide world! And he really knows how to make the fans the happiest people in the universe. I can only confirm it.

I don’t even have to mention how Sandra was jumping of joy when she saw Per’s mail in her mailbox. She also wants to thank Mr G for the awesome gift, so here is a message from Sandra to Per:

A truly unexpected and special Xmas present!! What a treat!! Not only that I finally can add a set of these beauties to my collection, but also I’ve got lots of Xmas presents for my Rox-friends now. A big thanks to the generous and kind donator! Hallelujah! You rock, Per!

He ROX, indeed! And Sandra, too! Thanx a million for all your efforts and work with the updates again! We’re extremely happy for you and glad to see your collection is growing.

Since Per sent more picks to Sandra and let her share them with her Rox-friends, she also thought about giving a chance to a wider group of Roxers to get these rare picks. Huge thanx for offering them for a contest, Sandra!

Besides adding the 2014 picks (No. 86-91), the PLECtionary has also been updated with some info regarding quantities produced of picks where it is known and since the latest update, the misspelled, rare Woddy plec (No. 10) could also be added to Sandra’s collection.

Read the trivia from Sandra at the new picks to get to know why Per doesn’t really use those plectrums on tour! What will we see on the mic stand in 2015? Will there be a new production with the same designs or will there be some completely new layouts? Are there still so many 2012 picks left that Per will use them until he runs out of them? The answers are not known at this point. Let’s see what happens next year!


CONTEST!!! Here is your great chance to get hold of a ROX-JET / PER AIR HAIR – CAPTAIN GESSLE guitar pick (No. 91)! In order to participate, answer the following questions (correct answers are added next to the Qs on 3rd January):

  1. How many Rox world related guitar picks are there altogether in the PLECtionary at the moment? – 150 (143+7)
  2. How many different 2014 guitar picks were designed for the XXX anniversary tour? – 6
  3. What is written on the front and back of plec No. 10? (Please, spell it how you see it, otherwise we can’t accept your answer. 😉 ) – Text front: HEJ DIN TOK JAG ÄLSKAR DIG; Text back: WODDY


Send an e-mail with your name, address (so we can send the guitar pick in case you win) and the answers to the questions to until 23:59 CET on 2nd January 2015. The 10 lucky winners will be announced a few days later.

Good luck!

Contest terms and conditions:
– In order to participate, you have to send an e-mail to with your name, address and the answers to the 3 questions. We will consider all e-mails we receive until 23:59 CET on 2nd January 2015 with complete information.
– 10 winners will be picked randomly among those who have participated and sent the correct answers.
– You can only participate once, any attempt to participate twice will lead to your disqualification.
– Prizes won’t be paid out in cash. Prizes will be sent by standard mail only once (so basically, if the envelope gets lost, we won’t be able to send a replacement).
– Winners will be announced on this website, on our Facebook page and will also be notified per e-mail. You’ll be required to reply to the e-mail confirming your address.
– will not enter into any correspondence regarding the result of the contest and is not liable for any damages, loss or expenses that may result in connection to the prize.
– All submitted data will only be used for the purpose of the contest and in case you are one of the lucky winners, to send you the prize.


Update on 3rd January:

The 10 lucky winners are:

Rosina Marmion – Uruguay
Agata Giunta – Italy
Gaby Hildebrandt – Germany
Jorge Diaz – Argentina
Nikolett Zentai – Hungary
Ilya Volkov – Germany
Kersti Liivamäe – Estonia
Helen Franklin – England
Mariana Gumuzio – Spain
Remco Verhaaf – The Netherlands

The winners have been informed via e-mail and were announced on our Facebook page, too.

26th anniversary of Look Sharp Live – Roxette in Borgholm? – VOTE!

No, the anniversary is not today. It’s next year. Why do I come up with this topic then? Probably, because several new dates have been added to the already impressive list of XXX tour dates during the past 2 weeks. Still no South or North American, Asian or African dates are known, but surely there will be some concerts added also in those parts of the world, when everything is arranged.

Since the European tour leg was announced and I saw the Swedish dates, I can’t get one thought out of my head. And I guess I’m not alone with that thought. The cities are:

18 July – Kalmar
22 July – Halmstad
24 July – Gothenburg
25 July – Stockholm

There are some days off between Kalmar and Halmstad which could be spent with something else than just sightseeing in Sweden. Kalmar actually lies very close to an extremely important place not only in the Swedish Royal Family’s life, but in Roxette’s history. Borgholm is the place I’m talking about.

Roxette performed at Borgholm Castle already in 1987 on the Badrock tour, but more importantly, the place is known for most of the Roxers because of Look Sharp Live (recorded on 25th-26th July 1989, released on VHS on 1st October 1989) and for the rest of the people on the Globe because of Listen To Your Heart video. Still too funny that the ruins were thought to be built only for the video’s sake.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to drive through Öland Bridge on 19th July, look around on the island and have a fantastic gig at night inside the ruins of Borgholm Castle? Just like 26 years ago. The distance between Kalmar and Borgholm is only 40 km, so it’s easy to get there. 20th-21st July is still enough for everyone to do the usual ”sightseeing” in Halmstad before the show on 22nd July.

So far there is only one concert scheduled for the summer of 2015 inside the ruins (Tomas Ledin, 29th July), so 19th July still seems to be free. The date? Fits! Roxers’ touring agenda? Fits! Marie barefoot? Fits!

How about a poll? Even if you might not be able to attend that gig personally for any reason, you might want to share your opinion and see some videos later. If miracle happens and a concert will be organized there.

Would you like to see Roxette live in Borgholm?

On a side note, hearing Paint live there would be a fab addition, but already a gig itself inside the ruins would simply be an out of the world experience! Wishful thinking it might be, but hope dies last… We want to see Roxette live in Borgholm! The 30th anniversary tour definitely deserves a stop there!


Stills are from Listen To Your Heart video


Update on 17th December:

Now we’re informed that a Facebook page was already created by Maria Francovig Valero (Argentina) in 2013 to support Roxette to perform in Borgholm in 2014. Then as the year was passing by, another page was created, hoping for Roxette to play there in 2016. You can join those pages if you feel like it. No matter which year, we just need a Roxette concert in Borgholm! 2015 just seems to be a perfect year for that.

European tour is growing by two new concerts

Roxette in Ostrava 2015Two new concerts have been added to a very busy European schedule for Roxette next year.

Marie and Per will play the very second concert in Czech Republic in Ostrava (Cez Arena) on the 15th of June – the same place they toured in 2011 and  they are also going to visit Bulgaria for the second time ever – they play in the capital city of Sofia (at Armeec Arena) on the 17th of June. Tickets will go on sale on and respectively.

Current European schedule is as follows:


10/5 – Milan, Teatro Arcimboldi, Italy – tickets
13/5 – Madrid , Palacio Vistalegre, Spain – tickets
14/5 – Barcelona, Sant Jordi Club, Spain – tickets
17/5 – Bucharest, Aranele Romane, Romania
19/5 – Budapest, Budapest Sports Arena, Hungary – tickets
21/5 – Prague, O2 Arena, Czech Republic – tickets
23/5 – Jelling, Jelling Festival, Denmark
26/5 – Paris, Olympia, Paris tickets
27/5 – Amsterdam, HMH, The Netherlands
29/5 – Antwerp, Lotto Arena, Belgium

June 2015
1/6 – Dublin, The O2 Arena, Ireland – tickets
13/6 – Trondheim, Sverresborg, Norway – tickets

15/6 – Ostrava, Cez Arena, Czech Republic
17/6 – Sofia, Armeec Arena, Bulgaria

22/6 – Warsaw, Torwar, Poland – tickets
24/6 – Cologne, Lanxess, Germany – tickets
25/6 – Hamburg, O2 World, Germany – tickets
27/6 – Berlin, O2 World, Germany – tickets
28/6 – Dresden, Elbufer, Germany – tickets
30/6 – Mannheim, SAP Arena, Germany – tickets

July 2015
2/7 – Stuttgart, Porsche Arena, Germany – tickets
3/7 – Bad Kissingen, Luitpold Park, Germany – tickets
5/7 – Mainz, Nordmole, Germany – tickets
7/7 – Munich, Olympiahalle, Germany – tickets
8/7 – Vienna, Stadthalle, Austria – tickets
13/7 – London, O2 Arena, United Kingdom – tickets
18/7 – Kalmar , Fredriksskans, Sweden – tickets
22/7 – Halmstad, Örjans Vall, Sweden – tickets
24/7 – Gothenburg, Slottskogsvallen, Sweden – tickets
25/7 – Stockholm, Sjöhistoriska, Sweden – tickets

August 2015
6 or 7 or 8/8 – Klaksvík, Faroe Islands – tickets

Concert at Sydney Opera House added to Australian tour

Photo taken from the Opera House’s website

A new show has been added to the Australian and New Zealand leg of the tour, which starts on February 7th in Auckland.

The show will be held on the iconic venue Sydney Opera House forecourt on February 25th. “To play this show on the steps of the Sydney Opera House is an absolute honour and is sure to be a major highlight of the tour!” says Per Gessle.

In total, Roxette will give 9 concerts in Australia. “We are beyond thrilled to head back to Australia, a stunning country with beautiful fans who have remained some of our most loyal supporters over the last few decades” says Per Gessle. “Marie, the band and I are ready and raring to go with a brand new show full of our hit songs and a few surprises.”

Tickets for this special event will go on sale on December 11th.  Live Nation members can be amongst the first to secure tickets during the pre-sale beginning two days earlier, on December 9th. Prices range between $101.90 and $331.70.


NEW Roxette tour date – Faroese Roxers, get ready!

And we thought it’s strange that Roxette plays in France next year… Now another rare tour date is announced. One in the Faroe Islands! Who would have thought? They will really tour countries and cities they’ve never toured before. Too cool! There is a summer festival in Klaksvík between 6th and 8th August and Roxette is one of the main acts performing there next year. Tickets are already on sale, however, it’s not yet confirmed which day Roxette is there. Most probably, 8th August.

This means the band’s last European gig in 2015 is not going to happen in Stockholm in July, but so far it seems the European tour leg ends in Klaksvík in August. Who knows what else they have in the can? There are still some free days in between the already announced tour dates. Let’s see what happens!


Faroe Islands_Roxette

Unplugged tour wanted!

Two days ago Per posted a video of Marie, Christoffer and Dea singing an acoustic version of “Stars” during the warm-up in Turku. The video went totally viral afterwards and has been shared 420 times on Facebook. It popped up several times on every Roxer’s timeline and made people go crazy and remember a wish that most of them have for a long time now: an unplugged tour.

The wishes and high hopes for an acoustic set and arrangement already came up when Roxette announced another world tour earlier this year, starting with the shows in Russia, Finland, Estonia and Lithuania. As we all know, it came differently, instead it’s (another) Greatest Hits tour in all the huge arenas around the globe.

Still, the “Stars” video which is furthermore even lo-fi and a totally unpretentious video of warming up made the hearts melt again. So, here there is our wish again: Give us an unplugged tour or at least some unplugged shows, dear Per and Marie. In case you haven’t seen the video yet (which we doubt!), you can watch it here:

Roxette 30th Anniversary Tour: Turku, Finland – November 29 – #15

Maybe it’s time to widen my top list of concerts. Nah, doesn’t matter. Each concert is different and special for one thing or another and the one tonight was definitely a top gig. The show in Turku was magical and I dare to say: it was the best of the last 4 gigs this year!

The support act, Costello realized it’s better to keep those songs in, which have English lyrics than play only in Finnish. It worked better. What we were surprised at was that they started playing at 19:00. We expected the support act to start a bit later and there were almost no people inside the arena except for the first 4-5 standing rows. People started coming in during Costello’s part, but then again, they went out and occupied their seats only after a while.

Roxette started at 20:00. Marie was in an extremely top shape, smiling during the whole show, dancing a bit, swaying her hips many times and pointing at fans every now and then. At the end of the concert she tried to point at each and every fan in the front row. Per was also amazing tonight. Sounded fab! Besides bouncing around, we could see some hot moves from him. He even ”kicked” Christoffer in the ass. Talking about Christoffer, his intro to Joyride worked much better today than in Helsinki. The crowd was quite reactive.

Marie had some problems with the lyrics of Listen To Your Heart, looked at the crowd and asked for help, but almost before she could ask, we were already singing out loud to help her. The whole arena became one and sounded great. Marie even said a short ”sorry” into the mic while she was singing. Sorry for messing up the lyrics. No need to say sorry. We all loved her! Dea was again very supportive. Whenever she felt / heard that Marie might not remember the lyrics, either she just sang a bit louder or she mimed at Marie what’s next.

During The Heart Shaped Sea there were again some red cardboard hearts in the crowd and the Spanish fans brought their colorful wigs to wear them during Dressed For Success. It was fun. Åsa was filming a lot at this concert, too.

In THIS short video you can see Marie throwing kisses to some front row fans and Per realizing there was nothing else to do on a Saturday night in Turku. Hilarious!

Marie, Per and the whole band were filled with so much energy, I bet they could have played another show. And we would have gladly attended that one, too. A pity that this was the last concert for a while, but we don’t have to wait for so long. Hopefully, everyone will have some relaxing time with their families at home. Christoffer and Clarence will surely have less time for that, since Mr G probably already booked some studio hours and won’t let them rest for so long. Marie, Dea, Per, Chris, Clarence, Pelle and Magnus, thanx for all the great shows in 2014! Have a good rest until the next concert and amaze us all again in February 2015!

Per’s post after the concert:

TURKU UPDATE: Superb ending of the first leg of the XXX Tour! The massive Turku-crowd was outstanding and the band wasn’t too shabby either. Had a wonderful time, Marie in top shape + Magnus in his bartender-look = what else do you need? Films by Åsa tomorrow. Thanx everyone for showing up on the first 15 gigs of the tour, what would we do without you? All the love there is from P&M&Co.

Next gig (first one in 2015) is on 7th February in Auckland, New Zealand, where the new XXX stage design will premiere.



Articles and photos



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Sleeping In My Car
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Perfect Day
Fading Like A Flower
How Do You Do!
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Watercolours In The Rain
Listen To Your Heart
The Look
Queen of Rain


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Roxette 30th Anniversary Tour: Helsinki, Finland – November 28 – #14

In my Tallinn review I wrote that gig made it to my Top3 best Roxette concerts ever. What can I say now? It got easily replaced by Helsinki last night! What a show it was!

The support act, Costello was on home turf and to our biggest surprise, they performed their songs in Finnish tonight. Except one song that they kept in English. We almost learned some of their lyrics and now they changed them to Finnish. OK, no sing-along then.

Roxette was greeted by an international front row this time again. Now some more Roxers joined us, so there were even more countries represented. Per was happy to see the familiar faces, he already mentioned us in his first speech, which you can watch HERE. I was very happy that while we were waiting, a younger girl from Finland joined us. It turned out that she started liking Per Gessle and Roxette after she heard Per’s Mazarin album 4-5 years ago. She was too young for her parents to let her go to any concerts years ago. Today was her first show. I love it that Roxette can still engage new fans.

Before the show everyone was thinking about Marie, if she was fine, if she would be sitting on stage or if not, then was everything fixed for her to be safe on stage or if she decided for standing during the whole show. Apply the latter one. She was standing all night and showed us how strong she is! She acted like she would really want us to see everything is alright with her. She even stood for some moments without holding the mic stand. This time the stand was fixed to the floor indeed. Even BoJo came up on stage and checked it with his own eyes. Marie was singing her heart out and enjoyed it to the full. It was just amazing! Perfect Day got a fab respsonse. Marie was satisfied with the crowd’s reaction and she showed Clarence a thumbs up and Clarence showed thumbs up, too. Some fans brought cardboard hearts with different texts on them and held them up during The Heart Shaped Sea.

The concert was so powerful and sound-wise it was awesome as well. Everyone acted so much during the whole show. Marie was smiling at the crowd all the time, showing some funny facial expessions, swaying her hips; Per and Chris played their guitars in several poses, e.g. leaning against each other’s back. That was a cool one! Per even took a round around Marie with his guitar. It was during The Big L., if my memory serves me right. It was so funny. What surely added a lot to Per’s mood tonight is that Åsa is here with him. She filmed a lot. Gabriel was also there, as well as Micke and Christoffer’s daughters. It’s good when the families are around, that’s clear. The band puts even more energy into the gig then.

Despite the fact that Christoffer’s intro to Joyride didn’t really catch this audience, the crowd was loud enough and Per said several times we sounded terrific. I haven’t filmed Chris’s solo, just the band presentation before that. You can watch it HERE. The Look got everyone on their feet, of course! Now the setlist was full, they didn’t leave out any songs this time. Introducing Real Sugar it turned out that yesterday Magnus’s fave Roxette album of all time was Baladas en español. Yeah, sure.

Per’s thoughts after the show:

HELSINKI UPDATE: Yea! Fab evening in Suomi! We’ve been playing this place so many times and it’s always a treat! Thanx for stopping by and help us out with the lyrics! See y’all next time! How about tomorrow in Turkku??? /P.

Hell yeah! Next gig (last one in 2014) is on Saturday (29th November) in Turku. See you there!


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Sleeping In My Car
Crash! Boom! Bang!
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She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
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Sleeping In My Car
The Big L.
Spending My Time
Crash! Boom! Bang!
Real Sugar
She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
The Heart Shaped Sea
Perfect Day
Fading Like A Flower
How Do You Do!
It Must Have Been Love
Dressed For Success

Watercolours In The Rain
Listen To Your Heart
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