RoxetteBlog Facebook is back in our hands!

It’s a crazy world out there… During the past 4 days the team got like 10-20 years older fighting against the hackers, but fortunately, we got our admin rights back to our Facebook page just an hour ago and kicked out all the Vietnamese hacker admins. Their post on our page got deleted by us and now we are trying to get our original name back, which might take some more time, since it’s not possible to change a page’s name each day. Changes are only permitted once every 7 days.

Thanks for all the support you provided us with during these difficult days, either it was sharing the info to warn others, reporting the hackers, reporting the page or sending us kind words. That really means a lot to us and keeps us going!

Let’s hope we won’t face anything similar again in the future and we can continue bringing the latest news from the Roxette world to you without any hiccups.

Thanks for your great support once again! Much appreciated!

RXB Team

Update on 21st July 2021: Unfortunately, after 1 month of trying to get our name back, Facebook now has changed it to this one: S?n Hàng Hi?u+ … It seems that it was still a pending request from the Vietnamese hackers that got through almost in a month to change the name in 2 steps for something without RoxetteBlog. We won’t give up! Thanks for your patience!


RoxetteBlog on Facebook got hacked

UPDATE at 18:30 on 28th, June: It seems we got back the admin rights, so you can stop reporting the page. Thanks for your support! 🙂 Checking all other settings now and hopefully, we can set back the page’s original name very soon. Will let you all know when it works normally again.





June 25th, 2021: Unfortunately, our Facebook page, RoxetteBlog got hacked and we are currently not able to post on it, only to add comments under posts already published. In case you get a private message from us, please don’t open it and don’t reply to it! We are trying to sort things out asap. We have reported the issue to Facebook, but it might take a longer time until we get help from them.

We will let you know once the page is working fine again.

UPDATE at 0:01 on 28th June, 2021: Unfortunately, Facebook Help Center was useless, we tried everything during the past 3 days to get the page back, but we have lost this case… Can’t tell you how disappointed and upset we are. The page got in the hands of some Vietnamese hackers. No chance to get it back so PLEASE report the RoxetteBlog Facebook page, not to hand this community of more than 50,000 people over to them. We will create a new page of course, but until the original one is up, we are afraid our profiles would be hacked and then the new page could be hacked too. So once again, please, report the RoxetteBlog Facebook page via THIS post.

Twitter and this website will still work until a new Facebook page is created. We will let you know here once it’s up. Thanks for your support!

UPDATE at 7:03 on 28th June, 2021: The Facebook page name has now been changed to this one by the hackers: San Hang Hieu RoxetteBlog. Please, report the page before you unfollow it! Thanks for your support!


CONTEST: Win a Per Gessle’s Roxette tour photo book!

Anders Roos, photographer and publisher of the Per Gessle’s Roxette tour photo book was kind enough to offer us 1 copy for a contest. As you know, the book contains quotes + pics around Europe in 2018 on 144 pages and a DVD of the last show of the tour. The copy you can win is signed by Mr. G! So here is your great chance to get hold of it if you don’t have it yet!

In order to participate, answer the following questions correctly:

  1. How many gigs were there on the Per Gessle’s Roxette tour? – 20
  2. Name the opening and closing songs on the setlist one could hear at each concert on tour! – The Look; The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye
  3. Name the female members of the band on tour! – Helena Josefsson, Malin-My Wall
  4. Which gig was recorded for the DVD? – Gothenburg, Sweden, 16th November 2018

Send an e-mail with your name, address and the correct answers to the questions to until 23:59 CET, 7th July 2019. The lucky winner will be announced shortly after. Answers to all questions can be found on RoxetteBlog. 😉 Good luck!

Contest terms and conditions:
– In order to participate, you have to send an e-mail to with name, address and correct answers to the
4 questions. We will consider all e-mails we receive until 23:59 CET on 7th July 2019.
– 1
winner will be picked randomly among those who have participated and sent the correct answers.
– You can only participate once, any attempt to participate twice or more times will lead to your disqualification.
– Prizes won’t be paid out in cash. Prizes will be sent by registered
mail only once.
– The winner will be announced on this website, on our Facebook page and will also be notified per e-mail. You’ll be required to answer the e-mail confirming your address.
– will not enter into any correspondence regarding the result of the contest and is not liable for any damages, loss or expenses that may result in connection to the prizes.
– By taking part in the contest, personal data (first name, surname, e-mail address and address) will be collected. These data are needed in order to run the contest, particularly in order to match participation applications to their entries as well as to identify and notify the winners. This method of processing data is therefore required pursuant to Article 6 Paragraph 1 lit b of the GDPR to fulfil contractual obligations. The personal data collected will be processed and used by only to the extent that is required in order to run the contest. The personal data will be stored for the duration of the contest and – in order to process any claims relating to winnings and damages – for a maximum of 6 months afterwards and they will then be deleted. By participating you agree to all above mentioned and your name being published on this website as well as on social media channels in case you win the contest.


UPDATE on 8th July 2019: since we got hold of another book too, we picked 2 winners instead of 1. The winners are: Alejandro Molina, Argentina and Marcela Molcakova, Slovakia. The winners are informed via e-mail too.

RoxetteBlog turns 5!

Yes, I cannot believe it myself. In a way, it feels like yesterday. On the other hand, it feels more like 25. OK, maybe not 25 but 10?

A lot has happened since that April 2009 when we were in the middle of a Per tour across Europe and the rumours of Roxette (!!) joining NOTP started to show up. The idea was to write about that tour and anything around Roxette, make a kind of archive of all news, probably back then we thought it would be more of the ‘around Roxette’ than Roxette itself, but I think somewhere in our hearts we believed that there would be lots of Roxette to write about. And it turned out to be more than that, we just finished reporting about Marie touring solo across Sweden! And right after the end of the tour we are again reporting about a new Roxette tour… as many say, a neverending tour, or it all begins where it ends.

Surely, we didn’t expect to have so many things to write about and that this project would take up so much time and that it would be so much fun. And I will not lie, there have been some downs as well, times of ‘let’s close it down’ – but then something always happens, a few nice words or some other tiny detail that turn it all it around and brings us back to the reason and magic of why we are doing this.

So thank you everyone reading, following us on FB, sending (nice) feedback, supporting us in a way or another. And, of course, to the great team!

To the next [whatever period of time you wish us to stick around]! (where is Per’s champagne when we need it?)

Ah! And don’t miss out our RXB5 birthday contest!

rxb team1
L to R: Judith, Kirsten, Patrícia, Tomasz at one of Marie’s concerts. Sascha is missing. Target for 2014/2015: a picture of all 5 together.

Some facts and figures:

Articles written since we started: 1.735, busiest month: March 2012 with 64 articles (!)
Over 3 million views, highest again March 2012
Most written about category: Roxette, followed by tour.

Competition: win an “early entry” pass for the concert in Barcelona

In cooperation with Roxette’s Management and Live Nation we are happy and proud to offer you the chance to enter the Palau Sant Jordi arena in Barcelona on November 19th, 2011 before everyone else does. This means that you and a couple of other lucky winners will be able to enter the venue some minutes before the doors are open to the general public.  Regular entry will begin soon afterwards.

As usual, to participate in this competition simply write an email to judith @ roxetteblog . com including the following information:

– your name
– your nickname on Roxetteblog
– cell phone number

and answer to these questions:

– The neverending Roxette tour goes on next year, name one of the countries Roxette has planned to visit in February-March.

The winners will be chosen randomly amongst all participants who answered the question correctly.

The contest will run until Tuesday 15th of November 18:00 CET.

Good luck!

Don’t forget to read the small letter below.

Contest terms and conditions:
– you can only participate once
– we will randomly pick the winners among all valid emails (valid means: with name, nickname, cell phone number and correct answer).
– the winners will be notified latest on 17th of November and will be required to reply to the email confirming their attendance to the concert.
– further instructions where/when to meet will be sent per email or SMS probably on the day of the concert. If you are not at the meeting point at the agreed time, the prize will be given to somebody else!
– the winners will have to have a valid ticket for the concert and are responsible for their transport to and from the venue and any costs that might arise.
– the prize is for one person only, so the winners won’t be able to take their friend(s) with them.
– Roxetteblog will not enter into any correspondence regarding the result of the contest.
– in the event the priority entry is cancelled for any unforeseen reason, no other prize will be offered as replacement.
– of course, all submitted data will only be used for the purpose of the contest, to contact you for confirmation and instructions, and won’t be given to third parties
– last but not least, be ready to have fun!!