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Taiwanese concert TV ad

Thanks to Evgeny Perekopsiky for sharing.

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Norwegian programme on Per Gessle – “Reisen till popstjernen’

If you are subscriber to TV2, you have a chance to watch the latest episode of Norwegian TV2 show called “Reisen till poptjernen“, where Per Gessle is interviewed by Ingrid Bjornov.

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Roxette’s performance at “25 Jahre Kuschelrock”

Roxette’s pre-recorded performance of “Speak To Me” at the TV show “25 Jahre Kuschelrock” (25th anniversary of a German ballad compilation series) got broadcasted today. Playback as usual. Watch here:

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Drew Ryniewicz performs “It must have been love” on American X-factor

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Per Gessle interviewed on the Israeli TV2 channel

As we informed yesterday, Roxette is the biggest selling artist in Israel at the moment. As one of promotional activities for the coming Tel Aviv concert, Per Gessle was interviewed by Israeli TV2 – you don’t have to practice your Hebrew this time as the interview is in English, only subtitled 🙂

Thanks to Shelly Frida Paker.

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Speak to me & She’s got nothing on “Der Deutsche Radiopreis” performance

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Countdown to German radio prize gala with Roxette

As reported some time ago, Roxette will perform tonight at “Der Deutsche Radiopreis” gala in Hamburg, Germany. Marie & Per have landed in Germany and acts are having soundchecks right now.

What we still don’t know is if Roxette will perform playback, live, singback or whatever. Per said they “prepared” music for this event some days ago, whatever that means. German radio channel “NDR 2″– part of the organizers – told their listeners today, that Roxette will perform “She’s Got Nothing On” additionally to the announced “Speak To Me” stage premiere.

The show will start at 20:05 European Summer time and will be broadcasted live on 50 (!) German radio stations and via video stream on the official website They started posting backstage videos already!

6 regional TV stations will broadcast the gala all over Germany, with “NDR Fernsehen” being the first on 22:00 CEST.

In Hamburg for the German Radio Awards! Performing tonite. Pelle lost his bag in Stockholm. Chris lost his mind.

The radio stations:
bremen vier, hr3, MDR JUMP, NDR 2, RBB radioBerlin, SR AntenneSaar, SWR 3, WDR 2, B5 plus, 94,3 rs2, 94.5 Radio Cottbus, 105‘5 Spreeeradio, ANTENNE MV, alster radio 106!8, Berliner Rundfunk 91.4, bigFM, delta radio, ENERGY Berlin, ENERGY Hamburg, ENERGY München, ENERGY Nürnberg, ENERGY Rhein-Main, ENERGY Stuttgart, Hit-Radio Antenne, HIT RADIO FFH, HITRADIO OHR, Oldie 95, Radio 7, RADIO 21, RADIO BOB!, radio ffn, Radio Hamburg, Radio Hitwave, Radio NORA, RADIO PSR, radio SAW, ROCKLAND, ROCKLAND RADIO, RPR1, R.SH Radio Schleswig-Holstein, Schwarzwaldradio, ANTENNE BAYERN, HITRADIO RTL, NRW-Lokalradios, Radio Regenbogen.

The television stations:
NDR, MDR, WDR, hr, rbb, SWR.

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1999 Swedish “Anna” interview online

If you know basics of Swedish, you will enjoy this interview with both Marie and Per a lot. If you do not get a word they saying, then you can still enjoy picture – which are pretty cool – Marie in sauna and boxing ring or Per driving his car and playing piano.

Thanks to Evgeny Perekopskiy for finding this out.

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New “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)” cover – watch it!

Have you heard the new orchestral cover of the latest Roxette hit single “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)”? If not, heads over to German ZDF website for more. Like it?

Roxette Official comment:


Thanx for the link Dani. Life will never be the same.

“Way Out” video is out!

Update: MyVideo has the video in HD quality. Available only from certain countries. The HD video is available on You Tube for you all.

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VH1’s “Classic Roxette”

On Monday, May 30th – Marie Fredriksson’s birthday and Roxette’s Bucharest gig – VH1 Classic will broadcast “Classic Roxette” show where you will be able to watch clips from the Roxette’s fascinating career. Sometimes VH1 picks up some really rare performances, so there is a tiny chance you will see something you would have never thought of. Rerun of the programme is planned at 13:00 CET on May 31st.

19:30 CET
Each episode we spotlight the classic, defining moments from a particular artist, genre or year.


Thanks to Marcin R. Nowicki at Polish Roxette Facebook page.

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Janina from Jacaranda Radio Station meets Roxette

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Christoffer Lundquist on Swedish TV

Christoffer Lundquist has been guest on various Swedish TV programmes to promote his solo album “Through The Window”. Here are some links!

Nyhetsmorgon TV4

Nyhetsmorgon TV4 part 2

Christoffer performing Tiny Penelope

About the Sir George Martin award
Thanks Per G for the links 😉

Angel Blue on

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Roxette invite Bulgarians to the Sofia gig

Thanks to Evgeny Perekopskiy.

Roxette back on German TV tonight

This evening, German channel RTL will have Roxette once again on their TV show “Die ultimative Chart Show”. Roxette is seen performing (playback) their evergreen “The Look”, recorded in February when they also performed the current single “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)” for another episode. Motto of tonight’s show is “the most productive acts of all times”, broadcasting starts at 21:15 EST.

The Chart Show had between 3 and 3.5 million viewers in the last season. Normally the episodes get broadcasted again after some months or even years. The show’s concept is a song countdown with videoclips based on the German charts/sales according to the motto. Some celebrities are talking and commenting the songs on a couch, while a couple of show acts perform on stage.

See the video of Roxette’s “She’s Got Nothing On” performance here!

Source: RTL website

Update: Roxette made #31 at the countdown, which was based on the number of singles on the German charts. Marie and Per had 33 hits. Watch the whole part (6:30) about Roxette incl. a short interview and the performance here:

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